The Zail Family (or simply, the Zails) were the direct result of the Human Isolation Project initiated by the Innovation Empire to break all bonds and resemblance with the human DNA of Earth. Only the perfect homunculi were granted the Zail surname, until EVE-0 was bestowed it on account of the sacrificial role she was assigned in battles against the Beasts. The descendants of the homunculi now carry the Zail name.

The Zail Family is an influential dynasty within the Knight Order and holds key positions of power. Though not hereditary, it is implied that the executive seat as Chief of the Central Order have always been occupied by a Zail.


Aligning with the Innovation Empire's vision to create the 'Perfect Paradise', the creation of the homunculi was the peak of the civilization's technological advancement. Headed by Emperor Miranda who was in turn created from the Human Isolation Project's non-human procreation information[1][2], the final stages yielded 'perfect humans' deviant from Earth DNA imperfections that was very much despised[3]. The First Earth Strike program went as far to destroy the Earth in an effort to wipe out all remnants of the flawed genome[4]. Contraception was made mandatory to preserve gene purity and refinement[5].

The excellence of the Innovation Empire in genetic engineering, bio-technology and nano-technology were the Homunculus[6]; and the ten perfect Homunculi God-Kings were given the name, Zail[7]. Born to be rulers, these ten "Perfect Humans" were the pillars of the Zail Family before the Great War[8][9]. Aside from the God-Kings, another objectionably created entity of the Empire was an incomplete eleventh homunculus, EVE-0[10]. Made from detested enemy bio-technology to counter the immediate threat of the Beasts, she was gracelessly allowed to have the Zail name after proving herself to be the only resistance to the Beasts' overwhelming forces[11].

With the fall of the Innovation Empire at the hands of the AGs, and not many to hold true to the Empire's 'ideal' ways, the Zail bloodline was diluted over the ages. With just five homunculi God-Kings possibly surviving the Great War[12], descendants with the pure royal lineage are a rarity. Although Eve Zail is said to the only original Zail with an offspring[13], Sion Zail is her direct descendant. The Zail Family serving the Knights Order as of today, have homunculus blood in them[14]. Due to the dilution of the Zail blood and the difficulty of its genetic cryptic code to be passed down, it isn't easy to have a child in the Zail Family.[15]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Members of the Zail Family notably possess the ability to manipulate forces within a given field. So far, this power manifested as control over gravity and electromagnetism. Besides this ability, the physical bodies of the Zails are greatly enhanced with heightened senses, strength, endurance, durability, and recovery. They can also survive in vacuum conditions such as outer space even without having to wear special suits. It was also revealed that they have some sort of inherent life support although it is unknown if this is an artificial device traditionally implanted or an organ developed from the family's unique evolution/genetic exploits.

Known MembersEdit

The known members of the Zail Family are the following, classified by lineage:

  • Homunculi
Gio Zail
Eve Zail
Sion Zail
Lime Zail
Lea Zail
May Zail
Ran Zail
Clint Zail
Rhea Zail
Ray Nelson
Van Nelson

References Edit


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