Wizard Types are mass-produced high rank beasts classified as EX-Type Two. They were created by Beast Queen E-34 alongside other EX-Type Twos, such as Chatterbox, to delegate command of the individual Blue Flowers of her Flower Garden during the War of Prayer. Wizards commanded the Blue Flowers that were to defend the eroded planet Arin and escort Avalon; meanwhile, the Blue Flowers meant for attacking were commanded by the likes of Chatterbox.

During the Third Battle of Arin in CC 430, only a single Wizard Type appeared in the Knight Run series but it was understood that there were many more existing off-screen. ME-0 (Part 66) Chapter 68 covers the brief battle scene involving this single Wizard Type.


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Halfway through the Third Battle of Arin, the New Alliance finally arrived in Arin to join with the straggling AUA survivors desperately fighting. Unfortunately, the planet's orbital space was tightly guarded by a beast fleet numbering 20,000 vessels preventing them from giving aid to the surface forces. At the center of the defense was the Beast commander (EX-Type Zero Fear) and an inactive Blue Flower. The New Alliance then divided their forces with Supreme Commander Dry Leonhard and Milo engaging Fear, while the main fleet and other Knights take on the Blue Flower.

The New Alliance pounded on the Blue Flower with their heavy armaments but it only managed to destroy three layers of the mobile fortress' outermost thick armor. Cold Hero Kasim then used his Paranormal Power special attack "Crimson Bow" to blow a tunnel leading to the core chamber. Master Knights Daniel Leonhard and Leo then teamed up and entered the tunnel, but they encountered the Blue Flower's commander, Wizard, along with Type 5s guarding the chamber[1].

Daniel charged up for his Double Screw Crimson Pillar which would take around five minutes to prepare. Leo was then obliged to protecting Daniel by distracting the high rank beasts away. He succeeded in this role and Daniel was able to finalize readying his attack. Daniel then unleashed the full burst of his technique which engulfed the whole chamber and burned down the beasts along with the Blue Flower cores; the latter triggered further explosions. An injured and burning Wizard was seen attempting to flee, however it was still caught up and incinerated in the fiery storm. Since Daniel's attack engulfed the whole enclosed space of the chamber, the two Master Knights were also injured by it. They survived however as Leo was shown carrying an exhausted Daniel afterwards, although they were both covered in soot and burns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wizard Types specialize in the use of particle beams and Wave Techniques (presumably from Pray Style) as a ranged fighter. They wielded scepters and was seen remotely controlling six floating orbs that emit powerful particle beam attacks.