Pray Style Pray 04
Pray Style Anne 03

Wave Techniques are a part of Pray Style. These are Anti-Supernatural Ability skills. Pray, Anne and Anne's disciple Leo use it as well, though it slowly destroys their bodies upon use. Because of its nature, it's superior to ANY Supernatural Power.

Unleashes bursts of unknown power. When refined into Red Wave and Blue Wave strikes, it has the ability to cancel out the properties of Weapons of Massacre as well as overwhelm other Paranormal Powers in a non-euclidean manner.

"Pray Style Wave Attack is only just a method to dominate other Paranormal Powers or skills. Pray Style's essence is a sword attack which combines her experience, Chi, mind and body and explodes all of them in a split second. The attack crushes everything, even including a high strength AB Sword. Her style rarely reveals its essence because no sword can hold her power within one piece." ME0-Ch65

"Pray Style eats up my body... I can use two strikes. Hurry." Leo, ME0-CH68

Pray Style Anne 01

Pray Style Drawing of Sword Crescent Moon The Red.

Pray Style Anne 02

Crescent Moon The Red slicing through Blue Beetle's Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue outer armor.

Pray Style Leo

Pray Style Drawing of Sword Crescent Moon Blue.

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