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Wave Techniques are special techniques used by Knights, Beasts, and various martial arts practitioners in the Knight-Run universe. These techniques utilize "wave," a force conceptually similar to "ki" (氣).

A practitioner can utilize the "wave" in multiple ways, such as imbuing the wave into weapons or strikes, boosting physical abilities, and reducing damages. One may also "weave" wave in the form of orbs, beams, or sharp objects, which allow the user to strike from distance. More importantly, wave techniques can recreate AB Sword's anti-barrier effect without any AB particle.

While Pray and Anne are the most prominent users of these techniques, many Knights such as Dry Leonhard and Sion Zail utilize wave techniques, as well as martial artist practitioners such as Karen Mayer, who is credited for modernizing the wave techniques. Even Beasts, such as Blue Beetle, is able to capitalize on this power.

Due to many practitioners, several "styles" of wave techniques exist in the Knight-Run universe.

Because anyone can learn to use waves with sufficient amount of training, wave techniques are not classified as paranormal power. However, the learning process itself is extremely difficult.

Should one learn the theory behind the wave techniques, one can even use this technique by utilizing the waves from a Core or Pseudo-Wave Units.

Mayer Style Wave Technique Edit

Wave technique that began to develop at the end of the Great War in response to the increasing High Rank Beast threat as a part of the "A Project."

This technique is based on a number of ancient martial arts that date back to humanity's time on Earth.

The original Mayer style was thought to be unlearnable due to its highly unintuitive nature but Karen Mayer, Pray and Anne's adoptive mother, modernized the Mayer Style Wave Technique and made the learning process much more intuitive.

Because Karen served as a combat instructor for Knights, a number of Knight have the ability to utilize Mayer Style Wave Techniques.

Pray Style Wave Technique is a variation of Mayer Style Wave Technique.

Pray Style Wave Technique Edit

A modified version of Mayer Style Wave Technique that serves as a cornerstone for Pray Style. Pray specifically modified the Mayer Style Wave Technique in order to combat Cross Eye's Phenomenon Weapon, Balisarda.

This Wave Style imitates the "Power of Idea" (aka Power of Phenomenon) which powers the Phenomenon Weapons, which not only allows the user to combat Phenomena Weapon but also claim superiority over other paranormal powers. Pray, Anne and Anne's disciple Leo use it as well, though it slowly destroys their bodies upon use.

Due to the fact that the wave technique imitates the "Power of Idea," this particular style of Wave Technique was thought to be unlearnable because the learning process will normally kill the student. However, Leo was able to learn the Pray Style Wave Technique for the reason discussed in the Knight Fall Arc, and several characters in the Knight Fall Arc and the Door Arc are able to imitate Pray Style Wave Technique by transforming their own waves.

"Colors" of Pray Style Wave Technique Edit

During the Battle of Velchees, Pray was able to transform her Mayer Style Wave Techniques into "Colored" Wave Techniques, consisting of "Red" and "Blue" waves. These waves have the ability to cancel out the properties of Phenomena Weapon as well as overwhelm other Paranormal Powers in a non-euclidean manner.

After the Battle of Velchees, Pray refined her wave techniques to master the "Black" wave as well as "Resonance" wave, which combines both "Red" and "Blue" waves.

Users of Pray Style Wave Technique Edit

Several individuals in the Knight-Run universe uses the "colored" wave techniques.

  • Only listed Pray, Anne, and a part of Leo's information to avoid spoilers for the future arc.

As the creator of the Pray Style Wave Technique, Pray is capable of using red, blue, black, and resonance waves.

As the co-creator, Anne is able to use the red and black waves, but she knows the theory behind all of the "colored" wave techniques.

As Pray and Anne's student, Leo favors the Blue wave.

"Pray Style Wave Attack is only just a method to dominate other Paranormal Powers or skills. Pray Style's essence is a sword attack which combines her experience, Chi, mind and body and explodes all of them in a split second. The attack crushes everything, even including a high strength AB Sword. Her style rarely reveals its essence because no sword can hold her power within one piece." ME0-Ch65

"Pray Style eats up my body... I can use two strikes. Hurry." Leo, ME0-CH68

Pray Style Anne 01

Pray Style Drawing of Sword Crescent Moon The Red.

Pray Style Anne 02

Crescent Moon The Red slicing through Blue Beetle's Almighty Ultimate Weapon, The Blue outer armor.

Pray Style Leo

Pray Style Drawing of Sword Crescent Moon Blue.

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