War of Prayer
Part of Human-Beast conflict
Spaceships battle beasts
Human forces fight against Beasts at Arin's orbital space
Date CC 430 - CC 432
Location Arin (primary), Valtia, Naricapha, Dalita, Puyan, Tobal, and others

Pray Mayer's transformation to E-34

Humans abandon Arin, Valtia, Naricapha, Dalita, and Puyan
Second Battle of Arin

Central Order
AE - Arin Garrison

Third Battle of Arin
Arin Survivors
  • Central Order
  • AUA
  • AE - Arin Garrison

AUA Relief Force
New Alliance
Anne Mayer
Dry Leonhard
May Zail
Admiral Norton
Admiral Linnell
Queen E-34
Blue Beetle
High Rank Beasts
  • Type 5 Black Sharks
  • Type 5 Attendant-Guards
  • Type 5s
  • Type 15s
  • Type 77s
Other Beasts
  • Blue Flowers
  • Teddy Bears
  • Crossworms
  • Walking Shrimps
  • Dragons
Phenomenon Weapon
Casualties and losses
Total casualties: ~1,000,000,000
(military and civilians)
Blue Beetle
~15 EX-Type Two
4 Blue Flowers
innumerable Beasts

The War of Prayer (Korean: 기도전쟁), (CC 430 - CC 432) is a massive war between Humans and Beasts that affected the whole Knight Run universe. The main focus of the war was at Planet Arin, a core planet and the headquarters of the Central Order of the Knights. However other human worlds were also attacked as part of the strategy of Beast Queen E-34 to eradicate every single existing human in the universe.

The war is subdivided into four phases: the first phase is known as the Silent War wherein E-34 took over the planet during the Second Battle of Arin; an interlude phase soon followed wherein E-34 paralyzed humanity's counter-attack by striking New Alliance's staging points; the third phase known as the Arin Recovery Campaign wherein New Alliance spearheaded the general counter-offensive to retake the planet during the Third Battle of Arin; and finally, the chaotic fourth phase that resembled a guerrilla insurgency with humanity pursuing E-34's roaming Flower Garden in a hunt-and-destroy fashion.

The War of Prayer have entrenching effects on the ruling human universal system which is centered in the balance between the AE and the Knight Order. The former is a military, political, and economic union of planetary governments. While the latter is a highly-disciplined organization of talented individuals possessing great martial prowess, Paranormal Powers, or any other traits considered superhuman. It is implied that the AE and Knights have conflicting interests and that they treat each other with mutual suspicion. Only the Human-Beast conflict serves as a common goal preventing the two powerful entities from openly fighting each other.

The fall of Arin, which is widely seen as the capital of humanity, allowed Master Knight Dry Leonhard, Deputy Chief of the Eastern Order, to assume supreme leadership of humanity following the ensuing power vacuum. Dry first established the New Alliance, a loose coalition of Knights and AE factions either under his influence or favorable to his strong leadership against Beasts. The New Alliance's sole goal was to retake Arin and is therefore only a reaction to the appearance of E-34 and her new brood of beasts which assimilated human technology and knowledge. The New Alliance was later superseded by the Alternative League (AL) which combined the planetary governments, AE, and Knights into a centralized, unified government under Dry Leonhard.

At the onset of the war, humanity is already on the verge of winning the war against Beasts. All Beast bio-gates have been destroyed; the Absolute Defense Line is now complete and secure; less Queens are appearing; and erosion of planets have all been addressed. Both the AE and Knights were already preparing to celebrate and announce the start of the "Age of Humans". Mother Knight even prepared what would be her last AB Sword: Number 1200. Key Sword and Number 1200. Human Age, to reflect pax humanity. The War of Prayer overturned the situation of human advantage with an attack from inside the Absolute Defense Line, reigniting the Beast initiative to eliminate humans.

Main Episode-0 Pray is mainly focused on the events of the War of Prayer from the Arin front. Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are, while still part of the war, is mainly focused on the Tobal front. The extra chapters of AE2 also serves as an epilogue to ME0/War of Prayer. Succeeding episodes in the series are set in the aftermath of the war.


This war was ambiguously named as "War of Prayer" (기도전쟁) in the Knight Run series to keep Pray Mayer's involvement in the war a secret from the general public. This was done to prevent the public from finding out that the Knights were the actual cause behind Arin's destruction (since the Knight Order was responsible for employing Pray and entitling her as the strongest Knight of the generation). Even during the Main Episode-1 Hero it is implied that only a number of high ranking Knights and politicians (e.g. Robert Nelson and his cabinet in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are) are aware of Pray's involvement in the war. Therefore, the general public uses the word "Gido" (기도) instead of "Pray" (프레이) to refer to the war.

"Pray War" remains an official and correct translation for the war's name but does not sufficiently meet the heavy socio-political semantics embedded in the original Korean wording. Thus "War of Prayer" is hereby adopted for standard use in this wikia.


Anne march
Pray march

Anne and Pray preparing for their reunion/confrontation in Arin

(Introducting narration to the war)
"One day, the Central Order cut communications to the outside with the excuse of conducting a defense drill, this was timed with the outbreak of massive solar wind. Soon after, with a warning period of barely 10 minutes, the hardly-used invisible mode to conceal the base was activated. Central Order, now functioning as a perfect fortress, a feature not used for a long time, was completely isolated from the outside...
...Meanwhile all space ports were ordered to close due to the solar wind and strategic military operation. Disobeying ports were hacked and forced to shut down. The Arin government tried to protest against this one-sided decision. They had no choice but to obey, since the Central Order had superior authority...
...Then, at Newta desert, a vast and now invisible testing ground for the Central Order, seven Guardians, huge fortress type beasts, were spotted. Guardian, a space fortress that stays in the stratosphere and bars the planet from the space. Extensively fitted with both Jamil Engines that extend a perfect ECM over communication and radars and Chamild Engines that distort light and control the atmospheric opacity, these special fortresses can isolate an entire planet from outer space. Due to the Guardians, together with the restriction on transportation from the solar wind, no one knew this planet had been under the silent war for a week already."



Core Temple, HQ of Central Order and of the entire Knights

Main article: Arin

Arin is a core planet of the AE and hosts the headquarters of the Knight Order, Core Temple. Mother Knight, the leader and founder of the Knights, is also based in Arin. Thus, most AB Swords were made in the planet as only she knows how to make and manipulate AB materials. Arin is a political and military center boasting highly advanced technologies and impeccable defense. Both new and lost technologies are kept preserved and studied in Arin (e.g. Avalon, Aurora System, MJOLNIR). Arin probably hosts a massive collection of weaponry gathered from previous generations of space-based polities and organizations (e.g. Innovation Empire, Ruin, New Human Revolution Alliance, Human Alliance) and of looted Beasts parts (e.g. Balisarda from Cross Eye Alpha and Beta). Many sensitive data are also kept at database centers in Arin due to its perceived invincibility.

The Arin planetary government is very influential in inter-galactic politics and other human worlds. The self-defense military of Arin, the AUA, is also one of the largest and most powerful in the universe with the capacity to commit expeditions as reinforcements for countering Beast threats at the frontiers (e.g. Arin's involvement in the Battle of Void). Arin maintains and exercises its independence from the AE and Knights but still cooperates fully with them in the war against beasts.


Pray e-34
Pray picture
Main article: E-34

E-34 is an Elise-type Beast Queen, the most aggressive and invasive type of Queen identified. Even so, E-34 outranks other Queens not only because of the sheer amount of casualty and costs that she inflicted on humanity, but also because of how she was able to hack into Central Order and integrate human technology and traits into her Beasts. Her beasts notably also use Pray Style and is capable of understanding human knowledge. E-34 is the successor to the lost gene of E-33, given birth with a complete appearance of a prepubescent female human although retaining an innate nature to be hostile to humans. E-34 then lived as a human named Pray Mayer with intimate companionship provided by ex-Master Knight Milo (teacher), Fiona (first friend), and Anne Mayer (her "miracle child").

She willingly succumbed in reverting to her Beast Queen nature due to severe emotional and mental suffering as she was denied proximity from Anne as punishment for her second murder. Anne, strained by the overbearing relationship with Pray, accepted a plea bargain agreement that would have her transfer to the Northern Order to shorten Pray's punishment. Pray remained in Central Order, but was stripped of her freedoms. She was also regularly deployed to missions considered suicidal but nonetheless she easily accomplished. The whole ordeal without Anne by her side distressed Pray so much that it prodded her into realizing that she should just remove the existence of all humans to prevent Anne from going away and risking her life to save others.

Progress of the warEdit

Initial battleEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Arin
Battle of Arin Ships

Orbital battle between AUA warships and Beasts launched from the 32nd Guardian

Arin blockade

E-34's orbital lock-down of Arin; nearly 20,000 Beasts at any given time maintain the blockade

The Second Battle of Arin (referred as the Silent War) was the successful Beast invasion of Arin that led to the fall of Central Order. E-34 hacked into the Central Order system and massacred all Knights inside Core Temple. She then released her built-up army which prioritized taking over and establishing superiority over Arin's orbital space. With the orbit under her control, she was then able to isolate the planet from communicating outside. The Queen's Beast also prevented reinforcements from coming in by destroying Arin's warp gate and by forming a blockade composed of more than 20,000 Beasts. The surface on the other hand was left as a secondary objective after establishing orbital superiority.

The AUA, AE, and Knights launched an offensive to retake control of their planet but this initiative was halted by E-34's EX-Type Zero Blue Beetle. Political, military, and industrial centers were overran by Beasts but residential areas were not targeted. This caused a massive influx of scattered civilians wandering aimlessly with no government direction or protection. The Zail Family took over command of the remaining military forces and the responsibility for providing safety to the civilians.

The Second Battle of Arin proved pivotal in shaking the reigning political status quo between AE and Knight Order. In response, the New Alliance was created by Dry Leonhard to spearhead humanity's counter-attack known as the Arin Recovery Campaign.


Main article: Battle of Valtia

Beasts using human warp gates to attack

E-34 planned further surprise preemptive attacks on the designated staging points for the Arin Recovery Campaign of the New Alliance, namely: Valtia, Naricapha, Dalita, and Puyan. She caught humanity off-guard by using Arin/Knights IFF codes to warp her brood to their targets. The AE Gate Administration was confused as there was no possibility for Beasts to know human IFF codes or to even know how to use it. The attack was a decisive success that not only delayed any substantial reinforcement from coming to Arin but also forced the abandonment of four core worlds. The New Alliance's morale and confidence was shattered and it had to concede in prioritizing a defensive posturing over retaking Arin.

In Valtia, the AUA regrouped to break away from New Alliance and proceeded to conduct a rogue rescue mission of Arin. To this end, they mounted a brief insurrection to free themselves from Dry Leonhard's control but their attempt was stifled by the New Alliance main fleet. Dry reached out to Anne Mayer, who was the AUA's acting leader, to reach an accord and prevent further damages. The AUA was then allowed to go to Arin as an advance scouting party of New Alliance.

Retaking of ArinEdit

Main article: Third Battle of Arin
Arin war1

Arin survivors fighting Beasts on Arin's surface

The Third Battle of Arin (referred as the Arin Recovery Campaign) was the highly destructive and protracted battle for the contested Planet Arin between E-34 and her brood (who were occupying the planet) against New Alliance and the remaining Arin survivors (in behest of humanity). It was a decisive but pyrrhic victory for the latter. Unfortunately, the battle proved to be inconclusive in ending the War of Prayer as E-34's Flower Garden warped out of Arin to attack other human worlds. The majority of E-34's Beasts also withdrew from the planet to the Beast Graveyard which is on the fringes of the mapped outer space. Some of the Beasts remained scattered on the surface and continued eroding/harassing the planet and its inhabitants.

Simultaneously during the battle, the New Alliance failed to halt a Blue Flower from warping away from Arin. It then targeted Planet Tobal since it contains Ground Zeroes as well as the Knight Order's advanced R&D facilities. The 10-day Second Battle of Tobal then occurred alongside the Third Battle of Arin.

Pursuit of E-34's Flower GardenEdit

E-34's Beasts continued their Queen's aggressive resolve to end humanity despite her defeat. The Flower Garden scattered with individual Blue Flowers warping to different Human Worlds pre-selected beforehand by E-34. They then began "roaming" within the Absolute Defense Line to attack other planets and colonies. This started an exhausting cat and mouse game between humanity's forces, as led by the New Alliance/Alternative League, and the Blue Flowers which were each commanded by an EX-Type Two. Thus, further battles, on the behest of E-34, raged on. One such notable encounter was the Third Battle of Tobal.

The war would continue for two more years until CC 432 when all of the active Blue Flowers have been suppressed.


With E-34's apparent death, the majority of her forces withdrew from Arin; the New Alliance immediately occupied the planet. Some of the Blue Flowers from the Flower Garden attacked the targets of E-34 instead of escaping. Other Beasts remained and still roamed the surface of Arin - their presence was never fully exterminated. New Alliance abandoned Arin after rescuing the population and recovering all materials.

At the expense of the Arin Recovery Campaign, five core planets were abandoned, multiple fleets and armies were decimated, and billions of civilians were killed. Additionally, the remaining number of Knights was critically depleted after the war.

E-34 far surpassed the twin Queens E-99 and E-101 as the worst threat so far. E-34 did not just decisively break the Age of Humans, she nearly brought the downfall of humanity when they were at the peak of their strength.

Political ReformsEdit

Humanity's confidence and trust on the AE was shattered which marked a universal transition in politics. The New Alliance hereinafter enjoyed receiving recognition as humanity's true guardian in lieu of AE. Effective rule gradually shifted to the Alternative League - the restructured version of New Alliance meant to replace AE as the unified human government. AL consolidated their power by purging resisting AE entities and inflaming popular support which in turn further boosted its legitimacy. Succumbing to internal and external pressure, the AE Government soon passed a law legally institutionalizing its dissolution and establishing AL as its successor.

The existing Knight Order system also collapsed in the wake of the war. The fall of Central Order, the overarching HQ and supreme command of Knights, signified a new era of Knights under Dry Leonhard and the AL structure known as the Temporal Order. This created a rift between the subordinate branch Orders that spiraled into a military conflict - the first war between Knights.

Remainder of E-34's BroodEdit

Fear recovered the body of E-34 before leading the general retreat of the fallen Queen's brood to the Beast Graveyard located in a remote pocket of the distant outer space. Their exact status is unknown and many suspect that they are merely biding their time to invade again.



I pulled the triiger for human extinction
Pray end game 1
(Commenting on the war's progress)
Ed: "This the end of the world"
(Commenting on the plan to airdrop Anne and A-10 at Core Temple)
Ed: "What is this? A mass suicide club?"
(Upon finishing their initial fight)
E-34: "Hmm...Well, it was a little aggressive, but...It was a joyful dance after all"
Anne: "...I'll tell you what...wear panties"
(Anne Mayer and E-34 on their reunion)
E-34: "I wish you were here because you missed me"
Anne: "I have a duty. A duty to the dead. Too many people have died"
E-34: "Why do you care about them? You're always trying to carry those burdens on your back...That hurts you"
(E-34 on revealing her Flower Garden to destroy the New Alliance fleet)
"I pulled the trigger for human extinction..."
*gestures her hand into a pistol*
"The Age of over!"
(E-34 on activating the eroded Avalon)
"I will destroy this world."
"I don't need a planet anymore."
(Upon Anne defeating E-34)
E-34: "Do you me?"
Anne: "Are you kidding?...Of course I do...More than anything else in the world...I like you, Pray"
E-34: "I'm glad to hear that"

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