Void was a human frontier colony invaded in SE 430 by the Beasts.

Following the alien attack, Admiral Norton and a unit of 22 Knights were sent there to reclaim it.

The notable appearance of Type Zero Blue Ring took the AE task force surprise, five knights were killed by Blue Ring and all the other Knights, even Master Knight Leo who broke his right arm, were injured. Leo managed to suppress the Type Zero and it was captured. The Near-to-retirement Anne was supposed to act as a War Adviser but she fought and killed the Queen on April 4, 430 Cosmic Century.

Void was a wasteland inhabited by settlers. They cultivated the land persistently despite the bad conditions this world offered in order to make it habitable. As a frontier planet, it had a small population of barely 100,000, composed by families of the AE divisions who had already lost their homes in other planets and were trying to start over. During the invasion, the survivors were being moved to Arin, but not one wanted to abandon their homes once again. After the conflict was over, all the survivors chose to stay on the planet, despite it being labeled a danger zone with still remaining monsters roaming on the surface.

The Montia Flowers were specifically designed to grow on this planet.

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