• PARiTY

    Character name changes

    February 25, 2016 by PARiTY

    Hi, all. I have been a great admirer of Knight Run for a while now and thought I could help contribute to this wiki and its dedicated fanbase. So, with the weekly release of official Webtoon translations, no other unofficial English translations would likely be forthcoming. That said, I was hoping if we could switch the character names here, to the ones adopted in the official English translation (Zion -> Sion, Leah Gile -> Rhea Zail, etc.), for the sake of unformity (although I do know they are not accurate) and to help new fans. Me not having any experience with contributing to a wikia, am pretty useless in that sector, though I will try my best to fill the pages with data. Hope you guys help me. Thank you!

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