I have just read the latest chapter on Naver for the 5th time.

I had not believed that the tragedy in any series could possibly rise that high.

I do not understand Korean.

But Knight Run, through it's medium and above all others, does not require a translation for one to understand the characters and the ordeals that they go through.

Whether it is in Episode 0 - Pray, Another Episode 1 or Another Episode 2, there are no happy endings.

The characters speak and interact and we listen and empathise.

The characters struggle with or against each other and we cheer for them.

They die and we weep.

The flashy, visually awe inspiring powers, the huge, epic space battles, they don't change a thing. Every battle is one with everything on the line. One loss and all the power in ones grasp slips away, reality resumes and it is over.

No second chances, no miracles.

There are no "Good Guys" who always win at the end.

Look past the Art and Read the story.

Knight Run is the best series I have ever read. Bar none.

I just hope that the English translation shall catch up to the current chapters some time.

AvalanchCXVII 04:04, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

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