As the wiki develops, new issues arise and decisions have to be made. The thing is: what to do about spoilers? Should we edit articles without restraint or censor the major plot developments?

Well, maybe a bit of both: spoiler tags allow us to hide things without having to remove them from the article. But this solution has its inconvenients, it might pollute pages, making reading less easy. In Wikipedia, for instance, they are banned (see:No disclaimers in articles) cause supposedly are a manifestation of editorial restraint.

To make it short: my vision is that spoiler tags are the less bad option and should be used. I've been making some experiments with it but none worked, so if anyone has wiki/programming experience the help is much appreciated (more info:User:Astralac/sandbox).

This is a community work so give your opinion about it. Astralac 23:28, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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