I know i haven't been editing for some time, real life is really taking all my energy.

The thing is that my way of editing is kinda peculiar. I read the manhwa and write important info in a .txt file. When I feel like it, I use this info in an article (mostly new articles cause I like to fill gaps). The problem is i've used almost all my info, and what is left is just small unconnected pieces of info (like: "daniel and leo fought in ch8" or "pray calls instructor mairo baldie"), or general stuff that takes time to gather (like: "dry, see ch 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18").

So what I need is to re-read the manhwa from Ch1 and collect more info, but that will take a lot of time that i dont have now...

Also, I could just jump around making small edits, but that just isnt my style, i prefer to edit just one article at a time, which becomes harder when i dont have info.

In my to-do list is to:

-Make articles about these guys (excerpt from my .txt file):

"%commander tarian ch17
%primson of ae romanian fleet
%feyman - former commander of southern
%newman 5th direct security team of alliance joint command ch9
%alf, ex-chief of the southern order
%bishop of crossleague, vice-commander of the alliance
%ch15 supernatural guy - Fairy lord - Battling bio androids from the great war era
%ben edwin rockstar
%dain from AUA
%myun and may "knight plus knight" ch6
%pei - sad that kal died, argues with pray over kal death, gets her arm twisted, anne makes her apologise ch6"

-Finish to list the ships and weapons of the Humans and Beasts.

-New Articles: Eastern Order, Planet Belchis, AUA, Moglay/Morglay

-Improve many many articles.

-Try to add a Main Page slider.

-And a lot of other stuff.

So it might take a week, a month or a semester but I will return to editing. : )

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