Number of visitors can be found in Admin Dashboard - Quick Stats (right down panel).

I remember seeing 2 peaks of around 1500 visits in days after manhwa releases (after Ch29 and 30 i guess), and now we have 3 days in a row with around 600 visits (after this ch31 scan release). But the problem is: after 2 to 4 days, visits start to dwindle to around zero.

This might be because I've advertised the Wiki in some Manga Scan Hosts like Batoto, Mangafox, Mangahere, Mangago (Mangaupdates always deletes my comments...), and people go to the wiki after reading the manhwa. Still, due to the number of forum thread pageviews being very low (around 300 in Batoto and Mangafox), i believe most of the pageviews are coming from my comment in Batoto's Knight Run page, cause its well positioned.

The wiki has been expanding well despite having only 3 regular editors (BergamotD and AvalanchCXVII, you rock!). Considering that probably 3000 different people have visited the wiki so far, and that It has attracted 2 new editors (i dont count), that is a 1500:1 ratio.

Although its nice that the pageviews are not going down, I expected they would increase more. Yeah I know that these things takes time, but i just want the best for the wiki and we need more editors!

So I ask you people to advertise the wiki in suitable places that you know so that it can grow more. Also, BergamotD is it possible for you to advertise in the Knight Run Fan Cafe? (i dont speak korean...) It would be great if korean speakers join cause they have acess to much more info. Astralac 16:48, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

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