Stag Beetle 01K2

Named Unit: Stag Beetle.

Stag Beetle 02K

Webtoon version.

Stag Beetle 02

Publication version.

Stag Beetle 06K
Stag Beetle 07K
Stag Beetle 08K

Stag Beetle is a Type-2 High Rank Beast that was powerful enough to earn a name, the origin of which is the reminiscence of the head to a stag beetle.

It appears when Knight Anne directly assaults the Nest of Queen D-38 on planet Void. Stag Beetle kills many of the experimental unit soldiers present with Anne, but after a heated battle she finally kills it using AB Sword Number 10. Square loaned to her by Leo. [1]

It's one of the very few Beasts in the series that ever lands a hit on Anne, though she was retired and out of practice at the time.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Stag Beetle is primarily armed with a spear and has a hidden blade in its left arm. Additionally each shoulder houses a high output particle cannon capable of rapid fire shots.[1]

References Edit

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