Stag Beetle was a Named Type-2 High Rank Beast, of unknown class, that was produced by Beast Queen D-38 to bolster the garrison of her Nest. Stag Beetle's appearance in the Battle of Void was unforeseen by AE and Knight Order since D-38's Dile-Type behavior pattern was supposed to focus solely on static defenses rather than spawning a powerful brood army. Thus, Stag Beetle, alongside other notable elements of D-38's Beasts, were able to completely surprise and overwhelm the unprepared human forces. Stag Beetle is the only known Type 2 that was produced by D-38. Its namesake comes from the distinctive horned "helmet" it wears which is reminiscent of a certain insect's mandibles.

Stag Beetle appears in Opening Episode Part 2 as a "mini-boss" that introduces readers to the Human-Beast conflict in the Knight Run universe. The slaying of Stag Beetle and its impressive fight scenes are covered by the same chapter which serves as an extended prologue of Main Episode-0 Pray.


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Stag Beetle 07K

Stag Beetle forces Anne to withdraw

Stag Beetle 08K

Stag Beetle decimating the Elite Armor Unit

Stag beetle slayed

Anne slays Stag Beetle by decapitation

Stag Beetle first appeared when AE forces have confidently encircled the Nest of Queen D-38 and were conducting a continuous siege operation to wipe out the Beasts from Planet Void. AE and Knight Order already noted that D-38 was a defensive Dile-Type that typically specializes in Nest making instead of spawning. This meant that the brood army of D-38's colony were either few in numbers, weak, or a combination of both but, on the other hand, the Nest was exceptionally stronger and more extensive than others. In response, the composition of the AE-Knight Order deployment leaned more for heavy orbital and aerial bombardment, and long-ranged artillery. D-38 unexpectedly made a gambit to break the siege around her by spawning a vast and strong brood army. Among the brood was a single Type 2, a single Type 5, and EX-Type Zero Blue Ring.

This caught the AE-Knight Order combined forces unguarded as they were completely not prepared to counter rushes of waves. Eventually the encirclement was overwhelmed and had to be abandoned. As the combined forces retreated, they were pursued by the single Type 2 which significantly contributed to the decimation of the human ground forces. Due to its recorded performance, the Type 2 since became a notorious sight on the battlefield. It was then given the name "Stag Beetle" to acknowledge its danger level.

Stag Beetle later appeared again to intercept the Elite Armor Unit, accompanied by Master Knight Anne Mayer who was acting as an attached AE Military Adviser overseeing the battle. The Elite Armor Unit and Anne assaulted Route D (the "Road of Pilgrims") due to its direct access to D-38's throne chamber. During the assault, Stag Beetle blocked the narrow path leading to the chamber and was fought by Anne as a way to keep it off from the unit. However, Stag Beetle was able to eventually overpower its opponent. The Elite Armor Unit then attempted to rescue Anne but they were killed off one by one by Stag Beetle. As the unit disengaged and withdrew to a side tunnel to regroup, Stag Beetle chased after them and emerged from a wall to get inside their formation. It began massacring them once more. Before Stag Beetle can kill another soldier, Anne strained herself to parry the Type 2's strike which was immediately followed through by a chop to the neck. The Master Knight was then successful in ending the feared presence of Stag Beetle [1].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Stag Beetle 06K

Stag Beetle firing its shoulder-mounted particle beam cannons

Stag Beetle primarily wielded a double-bladed weapon that it used both as a longsword and as a spear. It also has a retractable blade hidden inside the palm of its hands. Additionally, each shoulder houses a high-output particle beam cannon capable of rapidly firing concentrated shots [2].

Aside from its armaments, Stag Beetle was also nimble and highly maneuverable. It was able to hone and prove its combat skills and techniques through numerous encounters on the battlefield - it was also through these encounters that Stag Beetle has come to acquire a deadly reputation that earned itself a unique name. Stag Beetle has accumulated extensive knowledge, familiarity, and experience which made it properly acclimated for battle. All in all, Stag Beetle was even more dangerous than its fellow Type 2s since it has developed its own instinct and cognition.