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Sion Zail is the heroine of Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are. Though she officially appears in AE2-CH2, Sion is first shown towards the end of Main Episode-0 Pray.[1]

She is an imperfect, sickly Homunculus and the daughter of Princess Eve, who was created from Adam's tissues and core. Sion was once protégé to Rhea and Clint Zail, whom she quickly surpassed in fighting ability.

Brought up in isolation due to her scorned heritage, she first found care and warmth in Rhea Zail, who was assigned to her retinue. Under the guidance of Rhea and Clint, she quickly mastered the sword, even perfecting them, thanks to her superior combat-type bloodline. Her superior abilities persuaded the ruling Zail Family to use her as a weapon in the wars against the AGs, in an effort to further the Zail name.

For her contributions as a Knight, she was presented with AB Sword Number 5. V (Masterpiece) by the Knight Order during the ceremony acknowledging her as Top Sword. For making the honor of the royal blood known to all in many successful battles, the Zail's committee also bestowed upon her the position of Lord to a northern resource planet, Damir. On this icy planet, home to a few hundred miners and their families, she became "The Lioness King" with Rhea and Clint at her side.

Later when EX-Type Zero: Hyperion attacked Tobal she fought alone against it while the rest of the Knights focused on Rabbit, who was attacking the Ground Zero on Vaign, Tobal's satellite.[2]

When Sion enters cryostasis to become a Cold Hero, she gives up ownership of Number 5. V. Many years later it's passed on to Pray, when she became the next Top Sword. During the Battle of Tobal 30 years later,Sion now wielded Number 680. Armored Blade after being thawed from Cold Hero stasis. She along with Leny and the Original Chimera destroyed the Blue Flower sent by E-34, thus securing the retreat route for the fleet led by Dry in the Battle of Arin.

However, fragments of the Blue Flower fell on Tobal, which destroyed the environment and directly caused Rhea's death. Because of that, Sion was hated by Van Nelson when he found out she was the daughter of Eve. AE2-Ch16

Later, after Van realized Sion's health was rapidly decaying, he decided to forgive her and began to acknowledge to himself that he was slowly falling in love with Sion. Forming his resolve to rescue her from the Space Elevator, becoming the enemy to all of Tobal in the process, also formed his resolve to be honest with his feelings towards her.

It's later revealed that it was actually the Original Chimera going berserk that caused the excessive damage that made the Blue Flower crash into Tobal. In fact, Sion was responsible for stopping the Chimera's rampage by quickly slicing off one of her energy gathering horns using Number 680. Armored Blade.

"The Chimeras are the new Knight Order's secret weapon. Sion willingly took the responsibility for what happened, because that had to be kept as a secret. This makes Sion look like a saint, but if it weren't for the Chimera, we three couldn't have stopped the Blue Flower in the first place. The Chimera was absolutely necessary for the victory, but it was our responsibility to control the psychologically unstable Chimera. It wasn't a human, but a mere weapon. It was our responsibility, but she volunteered to do the job, saying she doesn't have long left to live anyway. There is no way I would've felt sorry for her, so it served no one but herself for self-satisfaction... She wanted punish herself, after all." Leny, AE2-Ch37.

After this event Sion was asked to take the blame for the Blue Flower incident as they did not want to reveal the Chimera project to the outside. Since Sion wants to protect everyone she agreed to this even though she'd be abandoned by the Knights and hated by the very people she saved. Van did not know this until Leny told him right before he goes to save her from the Space Elevator.

Sion was nicknamed the Sword Saint due to her otherworldly skills. "You'll never get how respected that name was." Robert Nelson[3]



Sion posing as a normal student

Sion berserk 1

Sion releasing her limiters and full-combat form

Bi & jarin - kaishu legendary swordsmaker

Sion's dilapidated state




Zion Painting 01K

Painting by Sion's father which became her namesake

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Sion facing off against Hyperion


Second Battle of TobalEdit

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Zion 02

Sion wielding Armored Blade during the Second Battle of Tobal

Suppression and ArrestEdit

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Zion 01

Adam's blood within Sion going berserk after being attacked by the Ravens

Third Battle of TobalEdit

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Sion and Van together

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