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Robert Nelson
Robert Nelson 01



First Appearance

Another Episode-2: Chapter 1







General Robert Nelson is Army Chief of Lian. He's an individual truly fighting for Tobal as a whole and is resentful of the Knights due to past experiences with their two-faced schemes. He was married to Reah Gile.

The debris from the Blue Flower falling to the planet during the Battle of Tobal angers Nelson who decides it's time to end Knight Order's influence on Tobal. With refugees rushing in from allied regions and enemy states as well, the president of Lian, President Billy, a loyal servant of the KO, is worried about his position and closes down borders.

Fearing a coup, he sends a disguised team to assassinate the General, but it fails with the intervention of Nelson's eldest son, Ray, and his elite unit of anti-AG/Knight troops wearing Raven Suits. Nelson decides it's time to set things right on his dying planet by running for president and completely freeing it from the Knight Order.

With Gen. Nelson running for president, he is looking for possible allies. He has the option of receiving support from AE (a technological alliance), but is wary as they will be just like the Knight Order. He meets with one of AE's commanders, Lt. Gen. Tinie, a former knight who disobeyed Knight Order command to help Tobal in a previous war against the AG.

Robert Nelson 02

A much younger Robert Nelson, from when he first met Rhea.

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