Rhea Zail
Rhea Zail



First Appearance

Another Episode-2: Chapter 1




165 cm


Retired Master Knight

Rhea Zail is the mother of Van Nelson and Ray Nelson and the wife of Gen. Robert Nelson. Also the retinue of Sion.

She was a retired Master Knight who once protected Tobal against the twin AG attack of Rabbit and Hyperion, 30 years before the Pray War. Her older brother, Clint Zail, is a retired Blade Master as well.

Being from the Zail family, she had Homunculi blood in her veins. Similar to Anne, she wished to protect all around her with her power.

During the Pray War, when a warped Blue Flower from Arin initiated the attack on Tobal, she helped with the rescue effort as a civilian. But with the Knight Order's intervention to prevent the Blue Flower from escaping, it was destroyed in Tobal's atmosphere. Rhea was killed when the falling debris destroyed large habitable regions of the planet.

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