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Another Episode 2: Chapter 4







Ray Bow 01

Ray's AB Sword, a bow called Twin Window, from a recollection scene.

Ray Nelson is Robert Nelson and Rhea Zail's son, and older brother of Van Nelson.

He is a Master Knight, Zero Breaker and was also the Deputy Director of the Central Order's R&D department, but was fired from Knight Order. Later it's revealed that he had been falsely accused of espionage by Miliaria.[1]

He used the name Ray Zail while in service to the Knight Order. In the past, he once fought alongside Anne. Ray states that even though he's stronger than her, he feels that he could never win against Anne.[2]

He is the designer of Raven Suits. Near the beginning of Another Episode-2, Ray agrees to help his father take control of Tobal by committing both his advanced technology and his top level fighting power. This was to be their trump card against the Knights.[3]

After an apparent change of heart, Ray dies protecting his brother Van and Sion Zail from Hyperion Repair's attack.

Powers and Abilities Edit

It is said that he's the mutant gifted more than anyone else in the Zail Family, due to abnormal atavistic manifestation of powers despite sharing only half the bloodline.[4] It's also said that as the Knight of Metal he boasts the greatest defense among the Knights.[5]

Having the ability to control magnetic force fields, he uses huge masses of metal in combat and is called God of Metal due to this. His power is such that he can compress large volumes of metal and increase their density to extreme levels. He creates both swords and arrows that, due to the extreme density, also have extreme mass despite their small size. For example, there might be an entire warship's worth of steel compressed down into a single arrow.

Ray's AB Sword is a bow called Twin Window.[2] He states that without it, he can only shoot his arrows at 20% strength and speed.[5]

References Edit

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