Raven 04
Raven 00
Raven 03

Highly advanced and powerful anit-ag battle suits created by Ray Nelson, who was the Deputy Director of the Central Order's R&D department, but was fired from Knight Order. (AE2 - Ch13)

After the defeat of Hyperion, Mysteltein was was recovered and studied in order to use its power for the spears wielded by the Raven Units. Speaking about Zion being subdued by these spears, "There's no point. That's our ace in the hole to substitute the AB Element. She won't be able to resist. Those spears are just replicas... ...that only resonate the original. And the curse that enables the resonance comes from... Mysteltein. The cursed piece of wood from the enemy." Robert Nelson, (AE2 - Ch30)

These spears are the most powerful weapon of the Raven units and they replace the reliance on AB Swords, which can only be acquired from the Knights. The spears are "mediators" that convey the power of Mysteltein to the target. However, during use the resonant structure holding Mysteltein must be within a certain range for it to operate. This is a major drawback in addition to the fact that the resonant structure has no barrier shield and has low mobility.

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