Paulo white knight king

Ralph Paulo is a Cold Hero who plays a major role in Main Episode-2 Knight Fall. Ralph is slightly unique among the Cold Heroes due to the majority of his fighting strength coming from his swordsmanship and not his Paranormal Power. Ralph wields the sword Violet (which is similar in appearance to the Number 680. Armored Blade AB Sword) which is an ancient weapon said to be nearly indestructible and can cut through almost anything.

Ralph also uses a suit of armor that's similar in appearance to the armor worn by fellow Cold Hero Sion Zail. While this armor isn't notably durable, it has thrusters on each side of his legs allowing him to propel himself forward, compartments used to store other weapons and could be released from him and attach to the sword doubling the blades length. Ralph is also capable of performing a powerful V-shaped variation of the Sky Slicing Technique (an attack that involves vertically or diagonally performing a slash that can reach as far as the sky). He does this attack by performing a diagonal sky slicing attack and the quickly changing the direction causing the attack to take the form of a V.

Before becoming a Cold Hero, he was a famous adventurer and even had his own TV animation featured in "a town where you are", of which Sion was a big fan. He later went on to become a King thanks to the wealth obtained by his various adventures. His successor and close friend is a boy known as Violet who he met in a strange dimension. Also in that dimension was a multitude of ancient weapons. For reasons unknown Ralph left his kingdom only to return later and attack it, after these events he became a Cold Hero.

Along with his companions, Ralph lead an assault of AL on Arin against Northern Order's force under Lea Zail. There he encountered Violet and his old subordinates, now fighting on Northern Order's side. A fierce battle broke out between Ralph and Violet which Ralph defeated Violet and most of his subordinates.