Rabbit 01
Rabbit 02

EX-Type Zero Rabbit is one of the two Type Zeros, alongside Hyperion, that attacks Tobal 30 years before the Pray War.

It's primarily a long ranged attacker who has two ultra high output, multi target particle weapons mounted on its shoulders. It has an A-Rank classification.

After destroying the colony on planet Damir that Rhea, Clint and Sion were assigned to, Rabbit then went to Vine, Tobal's satellite planet. Once the Knight Order and AE found out there was a Ground Zero located on Vine they abandoned Tobal to focus on fighting Rabbit.

Sion decided to save planet Tobal instead and went there to fight EX-Type Zero Hyperion. Rhea followed her to the dismay of Clint.

First appears in (AE2 - Ch14).
K5 008
K5 009
K5 011

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