President Billy
President Billy 01



First Appearance

Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are







President Billy was a long-time President of Lian who was replaced by General Robert Nelson in the latest election of Lian before the formation of the independent Tobal Union planetary government. A loyalist to the Knight Order, he continued expressing faith in their support even when abandoned during the Blue Flower attack on Tobal.

He closed down borders to refugees regardless if they came from allied or hostile countries after the Battle of Tobal to prevent perceived destabilization attempts with his regime. He appointed military commanders loyal to him to spearhead his anti-refugee policies. Under his instructions, the Lian military regularly conducted bombing runs on refugee camps and hunted down other refugees. The Lian Navy threatened to open fire on a refugee fleet from Utah, a country that had been intermittently at war with Lian for years.

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