Pray War
Part of Human-Beast conflict
Battle of Arin Ships
AUA ships battle against Beasts launched
from the 32nd Guardian in Arin's orbit
Date CC 430 - CC 432
Location Arin (primary), Valtia, Naricapha, Dalita, Puyan, Tobal, and others

E-34 surprise attack

Humans abandon Arin, Valtia, Naricapha, Dalita, and Puyan
Second Battle of Arin

Third Battle of Arin
  • Arin Survivors
    • Central Order
    • AUA
    • AE - Arin Garrison
  • AUA Relief Force
  • New Alliance
  • Beasts
    Anne Mayer
    Dry Leonhard
    May Zail
    Admiral Norton
    Admiral Linnell
    Queen E-34
    Blue Beetle
    Phenomenon Weapon
    EX-Type Zero
    High Rank Beasts
    • 10 Blue Flowers
    • EX-Type Two
    • Black Sharks
    • Queen's Attendants
    • Type 5
    • Type 15
    • Type 77
    • Teddybear
    • Crossworm
    • Walking Shrimp
    • Dragon
    Phenomenon Weapon
    Casualties and losses
    Total casualties: >1,000,000
    (military and civilians)
    Blue Beetle
    ~15 EX-Type Two
    4 Blue Flowers

    The Pray War (기도전쟁), (CC 430 - CC 432) is a massive war between Humans and Beasts that affected the whole Knight Run universe. The main focus of the war was at Planet Arin, a core AE planet and the headquarters of the Central Order of the Knights. However other human worlds were also attacked as part of the strategy of Beast Queen E-34 to eradicate every single existing human in the universe. For humans, especially the New Alliance, the war was known as the Arin Recovery Campaign.

    The Pray War have entrenching effects on the ruling human universal system which is centered in the balance between the Another Earth alliance (AE) and the Knight Order. The former is a military, political, and economic union of planetary governments. While the latter is a highly-disciplined organization of talented individuals possessing great martial prowess, Paranormal Power, or any trait considered superhuman. It is implied that the AE and Knights have conflicting interests and that they treat each other with mutual suspicion. The Human-Beast conflict serves as a common goal preventing the two powerful entities openly fighting each other. The fall of Arin, which is widely seen as the capital of humanity, allowed Master Knight Dry Leonhard, Deputy Chief of the Eastern Order, to assume supreme leadership of humanity following the ensuing power vacuum. Dry first established the New Alliance, a loose coalition of Knights and AE factions either under his influence or favorable to his strong leadership against beasts. The New Alliance's sole goal was to retake Arin and is therefore only a reaction to the appearance of E-34 and her new breed of beasts which assimilated human technology and knowledge. The New Alliance was later superseded by the Alternative League (AL) which combines the planetary governments, AE, and Knights into a centralized, unified government under Dry Leonhard.

    At the onset of the war, humanity is already on the verge of winning the war against Beasts: all biogates (living organisms that are capable of acting as warp gates for Beasts) have been destroyed; the Absolute Defense Line is now complete and secure; less Queens are appearing; and, the erosion of planets have all been addressed. Both the AE and Knights are already preparing to celebrate and announce the start of the "Age of Humanity". Mother Knight even prepared what would be her last AB Sword, Number 1200. Key Sword and Number 1200. Human Age, to reflect pax humanity. The Pray War overturned the situation of human advantage with an attack from the inside, reigniting the beast initiative to eliminate humans.

    Main Episode-0 Pray is mainly focused on the events of the Pray War from the Arin front. Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are, while still part of the Pray War, is mainly focused on the Tobal front.




    Core Temple, HQ of Central Order and of the entire Knights

    Arin is a core planet of the AE and hosts the headquarters of the Knight Order, Core Temple. Mother Knight, the leader and founder of the Knights, is also based in Arin. Thus, most AB Swords were made in the planet as only she knows how to make and manipulate AB materials. Arin is a political and military center boasting highly advanced technologies and impeccable defense. Both new and lost technologies are kept preserved and studied in Arin (e.g. Avalon, Aurora System, MJOLNIR). Arin probably hosts a massive collection of weaponry gathered from previous generations of space-based polities and organizations (e.g. Innovation Empire, Ruin, New Human Revolution Alliance, Human Alliance) and of looted Beasts parts (e.g. Balisarda from Cross Eye Alpha and Beta). Many sensitive data are also kept at database centers in Arin due to its perceived invincibility.

    The Arin planetary government is very influential in alliance politics and other human worlds. The self-defense military of Arin, the AUA, is also one of the largest and most powerful in the universe with the capacity to commit expeditions as reinforcements for countering Beast threats at the frontiers (e.g. Arin's involvement in the Battle of Void). Arin maintains and exercises its independence from the AE and Knights but still cooperates fully with them in the war against beasts.


    E-34 is an Elise-type Beast Queen, the most aggressive and invasive type of Queen identified. Even so, E-34 outranks other Queens not only because of the sheer amount of casualty and costs that she inflicted on humanity, but also because of how she was able to hack into Central Order and integrate human technology and traits into her Beasts. Her beasts notably also use Pray Style and is capable of understanding human knowledge. E-34 is the successor to the lost gene of E-33, given birth with a complete appearance of a prepubescent female human although having an innate nature to be hostile to humans. E-34 then lived as a human named Pray Mayer with intimate companionship provided by ex-Master Knight Milo (teacher), Fiona (first friend), and Anne Mayer (her "miracle child").

    She willingly succumbed in reverting to her Beast Queen nature due to severe emotional and mental suffering as she was denied proximity from Anne as punishment for her second murder. Anne, strained by the overbearing relationship with Pray, accepted a plea bargain agreement that would have her transfer to the Northern Order to shorten Pray's punishment to ten years. Pray remained in Central Order, but stripped of her freedoms except for when she is deployed to suicidal missions. The whole ordeal without Anne by her side distressed Pray so much that it prodded her into realizing that she should just remove the existence of all humans to prevent Anne from going away and risking her life to save others.

    Second Battle of ArinEdit


    Pray cell

    Pray, now E-34, bid her time while in seclusion

    Pray, in her metamorphosis as E-34, used several excuses to remain secluded in her room where she was biding time for when to unleash her wrath. She began hacking into Central Order system, using the information gained to formulate a strategy that would successfully cripple the AE and Knights by targeting critical core planets and identifying substantial military forces. Simultaneously, she also started eroding the Core Temple and its foundation, the orbital fortress Avalon. She was able to convert the massive and powerful core of the fortress into her own hybrid nest-plant to create numerous high rank beasts remotely. While secluded in her room, E-34 also gave birth to her own EX-Type Zeroes: Fear and Blue Beetle.

    In CC 430, a solar storm was expected to pass near Arin which would disrupt communications with the planet. At the same time, Central Order controversially decided to proceed in updating the Arin Defense System which would temporarily paralyze its ability to detect and counter Beasts for the whole duration. Many AUA officers and knights initially objected to this decision but eventually agreed begrudgingly after considering the long-term benefits that the improved system would provide as well as the fact that Arin is in the safe zone far from the Beast frontiers. It is implied in the story that by this time, E-34 had already completed hacking into the Central Order system and that the Queen, not Mother Knight, gave the decision to proceed with the updates to deliberately sabotage Arin's capacity to resist. Coincidentally, AE would launch Talk Day, an annual event wherein warp gate transportation is prohibited for one day to make way for instantaneous communication regardless of distance in the universe. After finishing the Battle of Void, a combined AE and AUA fleet under the command of Admiral Jack Norton leaves Valtia to return to its Arin home port. Delays in using the warp gate prevented the fleet from reaching Arin earlier and potentially warning the alliance of the appearance of E-34. This opportunity allowed E-34 to consolidate her control over the Arin orbit space and completely isolate the planet from outside help. She then had free reign to erode the planet before the arrival of the New Alliance for the Third Battle of Arin.

    Surface InvasionEdit

    Pray EndGame

    Core Temple and Avalon completely eroded


    E-34 confronting the suspicious Knights investigating Core Temple

    While communications and the Arin Defense System are down, E-34 initiated an order to all knights in the Core Temple to return to their respective dormitory rooms and be on stand-by. The knights who complied were all slaughtered by beasts waiting for them. This alarmed some knights who began investigating for any infiltrators. They saw Core Temple's core eroded and completely covered by brood larvae. Before they can flee, they were met by E-34 and her party: Fear, Blue Beetle, and the Queen's personal retinue of attendant guards. E-34 first secured the orbital space of Arin to isolate the planet unlike normal Queens who would prioritize eroding the surface. To this end, Guardians were deployed all over Arin's orbit. The Guardians' Jamil Organ compromised any contacts with the planet and their Chamild Organ visually camouflaged the erosion - making it appear that everything is normal with the planet. Nearby space facilities and satellites were also targeted. An observation satellite was able to capture and transmit photographs of Pray, now as E-34, accompanied by beasts on the balcony of the eroded Core Temple. The satellite was destroyed shortly after. Pray also directed the beasts to prevent the arrival of outside reinforcements - to this end, the beasts targeted the warp gate and warp marker but only the gate was destroyed.


    Captured photograph of E-34 on Core Temple


    Guardians launching from plants to cover Arin's orbit

    Siblings death

    Kamad and Kamal impaled on the Amethyst Lance by Blue Beetle

    Deputy Chief Kamad of the Central Order and his twin sister, Master Knight Kamal, led a massive counter-attack by AUA, AE, and Knights forces to storm into and retake Core Temple. The twins performed their signature combo surprise attack on several high class beasts but their charge was halted by EX-Type Zero Blue Beetle who used a Pray Style three-strike, one-hand spear technique to impale the two Master Knights with the Amethyst Lance. Blue Beetle then taunted the counter-attack force by flinging the corpses of the twins to the lead battleship's bridge windshield before it proceeded to destroy the whole fleet. Other beasts then finished the rest of the shocked forces who frantically retreated. The Chief of the Central Order, Master Knight Lime Zail, was MIA in the initial E-34 attack. May Zail then assumed general leadership of Arin's defense as acting Chief of the Central Order. She also coordinated the scattered AUA and AE forces in conducting guerrilla warfare for survival.

    Orbital SuperiorityEdit

    In the course of securing Arin's orbit space, beasts attacked civilian and military space vessels. One such vessel was the 7th Colony of Arin, an orbital residential colony used for housing the family of those related to the maintenance of the Arin warp gate. Knight Jill McKellen and her brother, Allen McKellen, was at the colony when a single Beast No. 387 stealth warship launched its attack. The staff of the colony, unaware of E-34's erosion, were surprised as the beast seemingly came from Arin. Security forces were sent to intercept but the No. 387 already manged to break through the colony's shield and inject a pod inside the hull. Additional pods were prevented from entering as the security forces finally destroyed the No. 387. However, the single pod injected contained a troop of Beast No. 600s led by a high rank Beast Type 77. Under the guidance of the Type 77, the beasts were able to easily subdue the Cherrydogs and Battle dolls to the bewilderment of the staff. The beasts then began massacring the inhabitants. Jill defeated the Type 77 but not before it was able to kill Allen. Jill and the colony's security forces quarantined the colony of any remaining beasts.


    Admiral Norton's fleet races towards the collapsing warp field exit

    Admiral Jack Norton, commanding a combined AE and AUA fleet that participated in the Battle of Void, was supervising the fleet's repairs and maintenance at the AE core planet Valtia. The fleet then began making course through warp gate to its home port in Arin. While en route in the warp field, XO Gawain warned Admiral Norton that the fleet detected strange interference from the Arin exit. The warp field then started contracting which crushed two warships. Admiral Norton ordered the fleet to assume an optimized shield formation to resist the collapsing field while attempting to speed up warp travel. Upon emerging at the Arin warp gate, the fleet was subjected to a volley of particle beams from more than 20,000 beast warships orbiting Arin. Admiral Norton gave orders for a synchronized evasive maneuver and to withdraw away from the engagement. He then noted that the beasts were not pursuing them but were attacking the warp gate instead - the fleet was merely in the way. Admiral Norton then rendezvoused with other stranded ships and scattered AE and AUA units. The fleet was further enlarged by absorbing a passing Turin Immigration Fleet and the drifting 7th Colony of Arin which had just survived a beast attack. Under the command of Admiral Norton, the fleet employed hit-and-run tactics to protect the warp marker, a beacon transmitting the coordinates of Arin for FTL travel guidance, in hopes that a relief force would soon arrive.


    Valtia Commercial Space Port receives news of the Attack on Arin.

    Information regarding the appearance of E-34 began spreading within the top echelons of AE and the Knights a week after E-34 attacked. The fall of Arin and of Central Order was not disclosed to the general public to prevent mass hysteria. All requests to contact or travel to Arin were ordered to be denied. Anne Mayer, who also participated at the Battle of Void, just recently announced her retirement from being a Knight at a dinner party at Valtia. She was waiting for her transportation to Arin to finally reunite with Pray when her travel schedule was abruptly suspended. Immediately afterwards, she was approached and briefed by AUA Lt. Col. Dyne of the situation. Lt. Col. Dyne requested, for Anne to participate in an independent AUA mission to retake their home world "not as a Knight but as a Colonel and War Adviser of Arin". The AUA outside of Arin were already itching to fight without waiting for the AE or Knights who are both too busy politicking in the midst of the power vacuum.

    E-34's Surprise OffensiveEdit

    Main article: Battle of Valtia

    E-34 planned a surprise preemptive attack on the designated staging points for the Arin Recovery Campaign of the New Alliance. She catches humanity off-guard by using Arin/Knights IFF codes to warp her brood to their targets. The AE Gate Administration at Valtia was confused as there was no possibility for Beasts to know human IFF codes or to even know how to use it.

    Third Battle of ArinEdit

    Arrival of AUA Relief ForceEdit

    Landfall OperationEdit

    Arrival of New AllianceEdit

    Human AgeEdit


    The First Battle of Arin caused the AE almost as great damage as the Battle of Velchees did. The loss of 5 planets, all of which were major fleet stations, a Planetary Fortress, multiple fleets, almost the entire AUA and the loss of all the Knights of the Central Order. Indeed, with these losses, it could be said that E-34 did as much initial damage as E-99 and 101 did throughout their careers. With the loss of Arin and Central Order, the declaration of another Human Age is put on indefinite hold.

    With the loss of Arin and Central Order, the AE lost a great deal of higher level authorities. Dry ends up Declaring a Round table to organize another Alliance to impose Martial Law over the inner colonies to maintain control.

    With the attacks upon Valtia and the other fleet stations with Morglay, huge populations of humans stand upon the brink, their futures uncertain.

    With the loss of Arin and the betrayal of Pray, Anne sets out in Ep-0 Chapter 35 along with many members of the AUA and the AUA ship Alcyone. Intent on returning to Arin, to "reclaim our homeworld", to begin the Second Battle.


    "One day, the Central Order cut communications to the outside with the excuse of conducting a defense drill, this was timed with the outbreak of massive solar wind. Soon after, with a warning period of barely 10 minutes, the hardly-used invisible mode to conceal the base was activated. Central Order, now functioning as a perfect fortress, a feature not used for a long time, was completely isolated from the outside.

    Meanwhile all space ports were ordered to close due to the solar wind and strategic military operation. Disobeying ports were hacked and forced to shut down. The Arin government tried to protest against this one-sided decision. They had no choice but to obey, since the Central Order had superior authority.

    Then... At Newta desert, a vast and now invisible testing ground for the central order, seven Guardians, huge fortress type beasts, were spotted. Guardian... A space fortress that stays in the stratosphere and bars the planet from the space. Extensively fitted with both Jamil Engines that extend a perfect ECM over communication and radars and Chamild Engines that distort light and control the atmospheric opacity, these special fortresses can isolate an entire planet from outer space. Due to the Guardians, together with the restriction on transportation from the solar wind, no one knew this planet had been under the silent war for a week already."

    See alsoEdit

    First Battle of Arin (CC 231) - first battle with participation of the Knights.

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