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Top Sword
Master Knight
Pray Mayer

General Information
First appearance ME-0 (Part 1) Chapter 3
Last appearance ME-0 (Part 73) Chapter 75
Status Unknown; presumed dead
Personal Information
Nickname(s) Lil' Freak; Midget; Brat
Hero of the Velchees War
Queen E-34
Sex Female
Born Official: CC 401 (29 yrs old)
Actual: CC 370 (60 yrs old)
Official: CC 430
(Third Battle of Arin)
Residence Arin; Beast Graveyard (present)
Height 132cm (4' 4")
Affiliation Central Order (Master Knight)
E-34's brood (Queen)
Anne Mayer
(Daughter/Adoptive sister)
Powers and Abilities
Paranormal Powers Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and senses
Weapons AB Sword Number 5. V

Pray Mayer (also translated as Pray Meyer or Pray Meier; simply known as Pray) was the female human identity of Beast Queen E-34. She raised herself to live alone but soon found the importance of companionship through Fiona. She also received continued guidance from Milo Leonhard. Pray is both the biological mother of Master Knight Anne Mayer as well as her legally adoptive sister.

Pray was a Master Knight of the Central Order, a Zero Breaker, and the Top Sword of the entire Knight Order. She was also one of the 7 Heroes of the Velchees War and was popularly regarded as the "greatest/strongest" Knight to have ever lived. Pray committed two separate murders on fellow Knights which led to her fall as a disgraced Knight and ultimately revoked her status to a mere Knight Apprentice. Many who watched her career rapidly rise were disappointed as they believed that Pray could have ended the Human-Beast conflict and bring about the Age of Humans.

Pray was a notoriously controversial figure due to her open hostility against anyone except Anne. At the same time, she was also infamous for her incredible power and potential that was truly peerless. Pray still holds the highest record in the history of Knighthood both for slain high rank beasts as well as victories in competitive duels. Even senior Master Knights were not able to defeat Pray nor can even hope to. This led to a routine wherein senior Master Knights would excuse themselves from matches against her just so they can save their reputation.

Since her revelation as Beast Queen E-34 in CC 430, Pray is currently recognized as the "worst threat" to humanity. The outbreak of the War of Prayer, initiated by her, pushed humanity to the brink of destruction and prompted major shifts in all aspects of life in the Knight Run universe. Still, Pray's existence as a human being and as a Knight had been preserved by the Leonhard/Knights-led Alternative League to cover-up the fact that one of their own caused such an extreme disaster.

Pray is one of the main characters of Knight Run and notably started the series' story with her war. The entire Main Episode-0 Pray revolves around her and her relationship with Anne. Despite presumptions that she was already slain by Anne during their epic fight in the Third Battle of Arin, Pray's ultimate status is left uncertain as her body was retrieved by EX-Type Zero Fear and then brought to the Beast Graveyard.


Pray beach

A younger Pray in a flashback

Pray annoyed

Pray as she appears much later

Pray appears as an extremely petite, slim, and prepubescent girl with wavy, knee-length blonde hair, red eyes, and pale skin. A notable feature of Pray is that her pupils are vertically slanted (similar to a cat), as opposed to a normal human's circular pupils. When in active combat, Pray's eyes also do not transform unlike other characters who undergo physiological changes in the pattern, shape, and/or color of their irises. This may imply that Pray is always in a powered-up or combat ready state. Milo Leonhard noted that Pray has a wide forehead like him.

Pray usually wears cute dresses which give off the false impression that she is a meek, innocent child. After Anne's departure from her, Pray swapped the cute motif for a more mature one and began applying make-up on herself. She now appears to be more conscious of her looks and femininity.

Due to her stature and appearance, many have thought that Pray has either stumped growth, hormonal abnormality, or unaging qualities. However, Pray seems to have developed physically when comparing how she looked from Anne's memory with her appearance during the War of Prayer. This shows that her body simply ages at a slower pace compared to a normal human.


Pray mentality

Pray's consistent over protectiveness of Anne

E-34 madness

Pray embracing her killing intent

On the surface, Pray appears to have a Darwinistic view on life - convinced that only the strong, such as Anne and herself, should survive while the weak must be left to struggle on their own so that they may grow strong or be fodder for stronger individuals. Pray cannot understand why Anne always risks herself for others though she still followed Anne to become archetypal heroic Knights, ready to sacrifice in order to save people. As the plot progresses, it is then revealed that Pray actually has a warped love for Anne bordering on unhealthy obsession. This is the primary root of her psychopathic behavior.

Pray is easily provoked when Anne is involved. She joined the Knight Order so that she can follow Anne and be by her side always (where she can ensure Anne's safety at all times). Pray can also be quite manipulative and jealous of Anne's friendliness to other people as Pray believes that only she can provide happiness to Anne. This can be seen in the way Pray would inflict harm on others to keep them away from Anne; she selfishly wants Anne to be hers only. To "protect" her Anne, Pray will remove any risks with no restraints whatsoever since she wholeheartedly subscribes to the thought that anything is worth it if for the sake of Anne. Pray's first and second murders were due to this twisted logic. Eventually, it was revealed that Anne is literally the self-materialized wish of Pray - a prayer to have her own friend who would be with her forever. Pray's actions all this time were to protect and cherish her precious wish. Pray's excessive actions were also revealed to be due to the traumatizing loss of Fiona which taught her to protect and treasure the person she loves the most.

Other than Anne, Pray is disgusted by everyone else and would often resort to insult (at best) or violence (at worst) to repel people who would attempt to approach her or Anne. There are certain individuals that she holds with less disdain than usual such as Milo and Jill but this is thanks to the intervention of Fiona and Anne. Still, as long as she has her Anne, Pray is firmly decided that she has no need for anything or anyone else. On the other hand, Pray is fearful of losing Anne's love. She attempts to be kinder to Anne's close friends and to act as a proper rescuing Knight to other people as these merit the approval of Anne. Anne acts as Pray's "constant" which keeps her ego stable, staving off the corrupting Beastly nature inside her. Without Anne, Pray's negative mentality would consume her and result in disastrous consequences as seen from the events of Main Episode-0 Pray

In a more comical note, Pray tends to treat matters not concerning Anne as a non-issue regardless of how pressing or important it is. During their Knight training days, Pray would not take their field combat exercises seriously and views such deployments as more of a field trip/camping opportunity. She even stuffed her backpack at one point with nothing more but snacks instead of proper equipment although it could probably be a ploy so that she would end up sharing a sleeping bag with Anne.


Pray birth

Pray being taken into human civilization

Pray birth anne

Pray giving birth to Anne

Anne and pray child

Pray and Anne when they were still kids

During the closing stages of the climactic war against Queen E-33, human forces advanced into the areas swarmed by Beasts and were able to reclaim them. In one of these devastated planets, a group of soldiers flushing out straggling Beasts were able to recover an unnamed young child who appeared to be suffering from shock and catatonia [1]. The child was sent to a nearby planet designated as an evacuation zone - in essence, a dumpsite for refugees, the unwanted, and impoverished people. The local food supply was non-existent with most residents subsisting on charity distributed by the local chapter of the Ancient Church. Due to its circumstances, the planet had no working institutions which resulted in a general breakdown of law and order. Should there be an emergency need, effective response would have to come from another planet altogether. Since crime became rampant and an entrenched part of daily life, organized crime syndicates soon rose to dominance. Among these, the slaver gangs, known for routinely abducting children, were the most prominent.

Pray, who by then went nameless, lived as a wild animal with no knowledge of human language or societal customs. She lived from hand to mouth by stealing from the hideouts of the ubiquitous gangs or by preying on weaker people. She would not hesitate to kill to get her daily necessities. By chance, Pray met Fiona when she attempted to rob her of groceries. Fiona thereafter consistently made attempts to befriend her though Pray would coldly reject Fiona every time. It was through Fiona that Pray got to meet Milo Leonhard - a rector of the Ancient Church managing the local orphanage. It was also Fiona who taught Pray human civility, common sense, and language. When Fiona asked Pray where she came from, Pray pointed to a Blue Flower debris that remained on the sky, hinting on her Beastly nature [2]. At one point, Fiona shared to Pray her favorite story, Anne of Green Gables, while also saying that she wishes to have green eyes. Fiona's regular visits awakened Pray's emotions and self-awareness.

Before their friendship can truly blossom, a random Beast encounter during the advent season unfortunately killed Fiona. This event truly traumatized her. A depressed Pray then asked Milo on how she can cope with this newfound empty feeling and Milo responded that she should offer a prayer. On Christmas Eve (also the eve of Fiona's birthday), Pray approached the orphanage's nativity scene and made an earnest prayer wishing for a friend that would accompany her forever. In a twist of fate, Pray inadvertently activated her Queen abilities and gave a virgin birth to a girl, paralleling the birth of a savior on the 25th of December. Pray named her green-eyed, Fiona-looking daughter, "Anne", after Fiona's favorite character, and then named herself as "Pray" in celebration of the miracle that happened.

Adoption and Growing upEdit

Young anne pray

Pray and Anne after being adopted as sisters

Milo witnessed the miracle and realized Pray's real identity. Despite this, he assisted Pray in raising Anne and became their de facto guardian. Milo hoped that having a human experience and warm environment would permanently suppress Pray's Beastly nature and eventually turn her into a real human.

Pray continued to live by herself though now with the welcome addition of Anne. They lived in a small, sparsely furnished, wooden shack though they would often spend their days in Milo's orphanage. Pray relied less on stealing as Milo regularly provided for them. At the very start however, she already exhibited her over protectiveness of Anne which was further exacerbated when Anne was injured by a slavery gang looking for Pray for past grievances. Milo was able to fend off the slavers and tend to Anne [3]. Milo convinced Pray that Anne should be adopted to avoid growing up in this dangerous environment. Pray begrudgingly accepted on the condition that she should also be adopted as Anne's sister. Thus, the two of them left the planet for Planet Tao to live with their adoptive mother, Karen Mayer, a close friend of Milo [4].

Under the care of Karen, Pray and Anne were given proper attention and care. Pray also began learning Mayer Style under the direct tutelage of their adoptive mother after being prodded that she is too weak to protect Anne. She persevered despite the strict regimen for the sake of her miracle child and eventually exceeded all expectations by quickly mastering Mayer Style thoroughly [5][6]. She then created her own martial arts that is more powerful than Mayer Style. Upon defeating Karen in the last test for masterhood, Pray took over teaching Anne martial arts as well as generally taking care of her - deliberately isolating Karen away from her adoptive children.

Entering KnighthoodEdit

Pray transferred student

Pray entering the Knight Academy

Fang Blade 13K

Pray and Anne slaying Fang Blade


Pray defeating Dein


Pray and Anne sparring

Pray Anne Knights

Pray and Anne graduating

Some years passed and the two eventually grew up. By CC 418, Anne, now 17~18 years old, left their home to pursue her dream of helping people in need by joining the Knight Order. Anne was accepted at the Knights Training Organization (aka Knight Academy) after rigorous tests due to being an exemplary practitioner of Mayer Style and Pray Style. Pray soon after followed Anne but she bypassed the regular tests since she was already a master martial artist. The two were then still stuck together even at the Knight Academy where Pray's over protectiveness of Anne highly manifested to the point that Anne cannot make her own friends. The two shared a student dormitory room provided by the academy together.

Pray was very brutal in combat exercises and would send her sparring partners to the hospital, alongside people who would approach Anne, often with severe injuries. Only Jill McKellen kept trying to be close with both Pray and Anne despite the harm associated with it - she holds the distinction of being their only friend outside the two of them. Eventually it was up to Anne to curb Pray's violent tendencies and they were made permanent partners for every assignment to avoid further injuries. Most notably, the relationship between the two had since reversed as Anne now had look after Pray, instead of the other way around. Milo also entered the academy as a teacher and to act as their own mentor though it was his own way of monitoring them.

As Knight Trainees, they were soon deployed to actual battlefields officially as part of their curriculum but actually to compensate for the lack of available Knights. Despite being able to single-handedly defeat the Beasts they encountered in these missions, Pray would behave lethargic and only concerned for Anne. Unless Anne personally directs her to save people in exchange for rewards, Pray would spare no effort to help others. A lot of their classmates, troop escorts, and civilians were killed due to Pray's inaction. When she was rebuked for this, Pray answered back that the dead could only blame their own weakness. In one of their field exercises, Pray and Anne managed to slay Named Type 2 Fang Blade (who can take down Master Knights) despite still being trainees which amazed everyone on the scene.

During their time at the Knight Academy, Pray was repeatedly used as a testbed for new equipment, weapons, techniques, and even powers and abilities due to her reputation for being undefeatable. High ranking individuals would often take time off their busy schedules just to observe Pray in action. One of these tests was her match against Dein, a genetically modified human designed to be a perfect soldier and elite Master Knight. Despite her opponent's impressive credentials, Pray easily trashed and even nearly killed him until Anne timely stopped her. Pray and Anne then engaged in a sparring fight that destroyed the reinforced arena stage. Despite Anne's loss, the onlooking VIPs took notice of her as she was able to hold her ground against Pray far longer than anyone has.

Pray and Anne soon graduated from the academy through an accelerated track due to their outstanding performance guided by Milo's direct tutelage. In an unprecendented move, Pray was immediately designated as Top Sword upon graduation by Mother Knight herself and was given AB Sword Number 5. V [7]. Anne on the other hand was authorized to dual wield two AB Swords at the same time - also an unprecedented move. The two of them were assigned to the Central Order, the most prestigious assignment as it was the supreme command of all Knights and the general headquarters of the Knight Order. Only the best of the best can serve in Central Order.

During her time at the academy, Pray started her own collection of faces and heads gathered from notable high rank beasts that she had personally slain. She would sometimes wear these trophies to scare Anne while waking her up.


Battle of O'ConnellyEdit

Main article: Battle of O'Connelly
Viola vs Pray

Pray's first murder

Pray arrest

Pray being sentenced for the murder of Knight Viola

Pray and Anne's first major deployment as full-fledged Knights was at the Battle of O'Connelly. Not much is known except that it was a catastrophic but victorious campaign that devastated several human worlds and compromised the Absolute Defense Line. Not much is known of Pray's involvement in the battle as the series has yet to cover its events or divulge more information. It was in this battle that Pray and Anne's position as Master Knights was solidified.

Ruin Corp ConspiracyEdit

During the battle, Knight Viola betrayed the Knight Order for personal gain by colluding with Ruin Corp to conduct illegal, secret R&D experiments as well as to steal several Lost Technology artifacts that had been recovered by the Knights. He attempted to cover-up this conspiracy by assassinating the Knights who were investigating Ruin's secret facilities. Unfortunately for him, Anne was one of those Knights and she managed to escape. While tracking down Anne, Viola was intercepted by Pray who taunted him first before killing him without any remorse. When she was berated by Anne and later court-martialed by Knight Order, Pray merely shrugged them off and pointed out her own twisted logic to justify her actions [8].

The court recognized that although Viola betrayed the Knights and attempted to assassinate Anne, Pray was still in the wrong for killing him before due process confirmed the crimes. As punishment, Pray was demoted to Knight Apprentice status and would be deployed to the Battle of Velchees where she must prove her contrition by delivering victory. The court spared Pray from further penalties due to her past achievements and even acknowledged her request to have Anne as her supervisor.

Battle of VelcheesEdit

Main article: Battle of Velchees

Pray and Anne in Velchees

Cross eyes vs anne pray

Pray and Anne vs the Cross Eyes


Pray and Anne clashing with the Cross Eye twins

CrossEyes 07

Pray against Alpha

Pray, with Anne in tow, was sent to the Battle of Velchees as punishment for her first murder. She was part of a special subjugation team meant to be the forlorn hope that would spearhead the final assault against twin Queens E-99 & E-101. Pray and Anne were chosen as the perfect counterpart to match against the twin EX-Type Zeroes Cross Eye Alpha and Beta due to their intimate coordination.

Pray and Anne fought against Alpha and Beta repeatedly in a span of six months, tuning their fighting patterns and style to truly counter the Cross Eyes and their Phenomenon Weapon Balisarda. Once the two were fully prepared, they proceeded in the last gambit that would sacrifice the whole AE-Knight Order combined forces just so they can pin down E-99 & E-101's mighty Beast army. A whole fleet distracted the Cross Eyes and locked them into place while three G-34 Satellite Cannons stabilized their aim on them. Once charged up, the G-34s opened fire and the force of the particle beam pushed Alpha and Beta down to the surface, negating their flight and mobility. However, the Cross Eye twins were able to withstand the attack unscathed with their strong barrier defense, leaving a huge crater created by the impact. Pray and Anne then marched to engage the Cross Eyes while they were still grounded at the crater. After a truly exhausting fight that destroyed the landscape of Planet Velchees, Pray and Anne came out victorious. Humanity greatly celebrated the end of the battle and named the two Master Knights as Heroes of the Velchees War.

Disgrace and FallEdit

Soon after the battle however, Pray made her second murder and the Knight Order this time had to be more stringent especially since the story was leaked to the media. All at once, Pray's amazing reputation plummeted. She was stripped of everything and detained under heavy guard. Pray may only step outside her cell for extraordinary mission deployments (which were all suicidal) that were given prior approval by the court. Her mobility was greatly restricted within the jurisdiction of the Central Order while her freedom and well-being were even more limited. Anne was then sent to the Northern Order as part of a plea bargain agreement to assuage Pray's sentence. For the first time, Pray and Anne were now physically and emotionally separated from each other. A crying Pray pleaded for Anne to stay in Central Order but Anne let go of her hand. Thus, Pray's descent unto madness began.

War of PrayerEdit

Main article: War of Prayer
Pray picture

Pray revealed as E-34; picture captured by a satellite

E-34 womb1

Pray's wish to be reunited with Anne materializing in her womb as Fear and Blue Beetle

Pray cell

Pray preparing the war from her room

Pray march

Pray assembling her brood for the extermination of mankind

Pray anne reunion

Pray warmly welcoming Anne during their reunion

Under torment from her separation from Anne, Pray started being more and more psychotic. She developed a plan to bring back Anne by killing off all of humanity. After all, if there is no one left to save then Anne would no longer have any reason to go out and risk herself for others - Anne's circumstances for leaving Pray would be gone and they would be reunited again, this time truly forever.

Pray bided her time well while incarcerated. While she despondently followed orders to overturn battlefields where the situation has gone beyond hope, Pray was also formulating her strategy. Once decided, she feigned sickness for six months and chose to seclude herself inside her room. None were able to notice that Pray began hacking into the Central Order's system while slowly eroding Core Temple and Avalon. She then set her own Plants to leech on Core Temple's giant cores to produce hundreds of high rank beasts at a time which had been integrated with human technology and intellect. Pray also took the the time to personally give birth to EX-Type Zeroes Fear and Blue Beetle. She then timed for her invasion to begin on Talk Day, the annual event wherein warp travel would be suspended to give way for instantaneous inter-galactic communication. Coincidentally, a solar storm was also expected to pass by Arin which would disrupt signals and communications with the planet. Central Order also issued a notice that it would update its planetary defense system at the same time, meaning its systems would be down for the whole duration and leave the planet vulnerable - something that both Knights and Arin officials complained but were overruled by Mother Knight. It was already hinted that Pray had already taken over control of all critical functions and decisions from Central Order at this point and had began hiding Plants and Beast troops all over Arin.

Finally, a Knight acting as an aide to Pray checked up on her out of genuine concern but instead saw that Pray's room was already converted into a Queen's chamber and crowded with the EX-Type Zeroes on standby. Pray was then prematurely discovered but nonetheless was able to silently suppress the Knights who were in Core Temple at that time. The other Knights of Central Order who were not present at the compound were locked out of HQ and hunted down. Pray noted that even though her brood is already ready, she would have still liked to have more time to further amass her forces. Her brood then undertook further clandestine movements to prepare for their nearing offensive.

When Talk Day commenced, Pray gave the signal to start the war with the "silent" invasion of Arin. Within mere moments, she was able to establish her dominance over the planet. Her brood overwhelmed the unsuspecting security forces and those who managed to survive were brutally pursued then decimated. Pray prioritized taking over the whole orbital space of Arin to initiate a planetary-wide blockade while she further consolidated her hold on the surface. She also started the construction of her Flower Garden. Eventually, news of Arin's fall was leaked but it had already been more than a week since it happened. A reconnaissance/surveillance satellite was able to successfully transmit photographs of the perpetrator to high ranking officials of AE and Knight Order before it was caught. The photograph showed Pray, flanked together with her bodyguards and EX-Types, smiling while looking over Arin's erosion. Pray was then designated and now known as Beast Queen E-34.

As desired, Anne was prompted to return to Arin to face Pray. They had a "reunion" where their two clashing opinions and mentalities were asserted against each other. Anne then fought Pray but was initially beaten. Anne blamed Pray for why she always had to clean up after her; how she was forced to be a martyr, sacrificing herself for others, due to Pray's selfishness. Pray then offered her peace, to return to how it used to be, in exchange for forgetting about everyone but Anne refused saying that they can no longer go back as too many people had already died - a guilty burden that Anne cannot simply let go especially because she caused Pray's madness. They then fought again but this time Anne was able to get the upper hand. She then lodged her sword on Pray, cutting her down from the shoulder to the chest. Pray then asked Anne if she now hates her but Anne said that despite everything, she still loves Pray the most. Pray was delighted upon hearing this before slumping lifeless. Suddenly, Fear burst into the scene to take away Pray's body and retreat to the Beast Graveyard.


Pray EndGame

Pray's goal partially fulfilled

Pray's humanity already died the moment she embraced being a monster for the sake of reuniting with Anne. Pray's war did more than just inflict material damage and casualties, it shook the very foundations of the prevailing societal order. The AE, the reigning inter-galactic government and universal political organ of humanity, lost their legitimacy to administer and rule as they were not able to defend mankind from the Beast threat of E-34. In place of the AE, the New Alliance, an amalgamation of Knight Order and AE elements under the leadership of the Leonhard Family, spearheaded the Arin Recovery Campaign and thus took over governance when it consolidated into the Alternative League (AL). Pray's involvement in the War of Prayer was not revealed to the general public by AL to prevent political and popular backlash against Knighthood.

Pray's campaign to completely eradicate humanity continued even after her defeat at the hands of Master Knight Anne Mayer. E-34's brood, especially her Flower Garden, still roamed several Human Worlds waging a guerrilla-like warfare with unlimited range made possible by independent warping. It took two years to round up all the harassing Blue Flowers though E-34's brood still remains alive at the Beast Graveyard but they are inactive. After the war, Planet Arin plus other core planets were abandoned, the Absolute Defense Line had been severely compromised, Mother Knight is still missing, the Knight Order is in a state of chaos, and the whole of humanity is entering a period of upheaval and revolution characterized by increasing internal human vs human conflicts. The Age of Humans is long gone, wiped out by Pray's bloody hands.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mayer style

Pray practicing Mayer Style

Pray second round

Pray wielding V

Pray style resonate violet

Pray resonating waves against Anne

Due to Pray's Beastly nature, she is naturally endowed with much enhanced strength, agility, reflexes, and senses that are already considered superhuman and grossly disproportionate to her small-sized frame. She is seemingly also a prodigious genius who can quickly absorb or capture anything that piques her interest.

Pray is an expert master of Mayer Style as she was trained personally under the renowned Karen Mayer who was her adoptive mother. From Mayer Style, she developed her own martial arts, Pray Style, which is far superior and more potent than its original basis. It is thanks to these disciplines that she was able to refine her Beastly attributes and turn herself into a deadly living weapon. Even after the War of Prayer, Pray is still widely recognized as one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful character, in the entire Knight Run universe. Proof of her dominating power is the fact that she was recognized by Mother Knight herself as the Top Sword immediately upon graduating from the Knight Academy.

Pray can overwhelm her opponents no matter in what category or weapon; if she has to fight unarmed, Pray can still wreck her opponent barehanded. Anne Mayer is the only human character shown capable of matching Pray but her yearly win record against her stands only at around a paltry 3% - still it is better than everyone else's in the Knight Order. During her epic fight against Anne, Pray was only at 30% of her strength due to exhaustion from "spawning" EX-Type Zero Quatro and other high rank beasts. Nonetheless, the two of them managed to destroy huge portions of Core Temple while fighting - Pray actually did much of the damages. Cross Eye Alpha and Beta seemed to be a match to Pray as well.

Pray wields AB Sword Number 5. V whose Masterpiece ability further enhances the wave techniques of Pray Style. Using V, Pray developed specific techniques that can only be used when in conjunction with her sword. She also further developed the use of waves to discover Black waves as well as the resonance method to create Violet waves which are combinations of Blue and Crimson/Red waves.


Anne MayerEdit

Pray cry

Pray and Anne's co-dependence on each other

Pray's relationship with Anne is both deep and complex as their existences are intertwined. They are both emotionally dependent on each other: Anne is Pray's while at the same time Pray is Anne's. They share intimate memories with each other ever since childhood to the point that Milo remarks that he has never seen them separated. When they were adopted, the official records recognize them as adoptive sisters. However, in ME-0, it is revealed that Anne is actually the daughter of Pray.

Pray would do anything to protect Anne, even going as far as to kill others if she has to. She also tends to violently lash out against those who get too close to Anne as Pray believes that she is the only one who can provide happiness to Anne. In this regard, Pray is manipulative and controlling of Anne as she is afraid of losing her. Pray's only weakness and true vulnerability is Anne. It was Pray who taught Anne Pray Style and turned her into a powerful combatant. Anne idolized Pray as her caring protector which influenced her to pursue being a Knight so that she can save others.

Pray cannot understand why Anne goes so far as to sacrifice herself for the sake of others but Anne finally retorted during their epic fight that she does this because she feels guilty for the harm and violence that Pray inflicts on other people for her sake. Pray was deeply hurt by the fact that Anne came back to Arin no to be reunited with her but to kill her. She was further hurt when Anne rejected her offer to be together again in favor of saving others instead.


Fiona and pray

Pray and Fiona's relationship

Fiona was Pray's first friend who taught her about emotions and companionship. It was through Fiona that Pray became more human. She also started teaching Pray human language, civility, common sense, and whatnot. Her sudden and random death traumatized Pray who felt depressed over it. As she cannot understand this newfound empty feeling swelling inside her, Pray then turned to Milo's advice to pray for a friend.

Pray's exaggerated caring and overprotectiveness of Anne is due to Fiona's influence. She does not want to experience the emptiness she had when Fiona died. More importantly, Fiona taught her that she should treasure and protect her most precious loved ones against all odds no matter the costs.

Milo LeonhardEdit

Milo Leonhard served as Pray and Anne's mentor and de facto guardian. He is one of the rare few that Pray is close to besides Anne. Milo provided comfort and guidance to Pray when she needed it most after the traumatic loss of Fiona. Pray's miraculous birth of Anne was witnessed by Milo who provided immediate assistance. He then looked after the two when they were still street children and also facilitated their adoption to Karen Mayer.

Milo was the former Top Sword before he handed the title to Pray. He is referred to as Baldie by Pray who often teases him of his receding hairline but Milo objects, saying that he only has a wide forehead like Pray.

Karen MayerEdit

Pray vs karen

Pray's unyielding "ownership" of Anne

Mayer style 2

Pray training under her adoptive mother

Karen Mayer is the adoptive mother of Pray and Anne; they inherited her surname. Karen taught Pray how to properly protect herself and Anne through martial arts, specifically Karen's variation of Mayer Style. She also exposed and immersed her two adoptive daughters to both wilderness survival and charitable work. They had plenty of sightseeing/camping trips together to understand different cultures and environments.

Karen thought that she had already "tamed" Pray but she was wrong. Within months, Pray devoured all of her teachings that she had spend a lifetime to conceptualize and execute. Pray eventually requested to have the final lesson transmitting the knowledge of wave techniques through a match. Karen lost and she was quickly overshadowed by Pray who declared that since she had already taken all that Karen can offer, then their adoptive mother is no longer needed any further. Pray then took over teaching and taking care of Anne while Karen was left isolated in her own home.

Despite this, Karen remained an affectionate and caring mother though she had to do it from a distance. It was hinted that she continued monitoring Pray and Anne when they left her dojo-house to enter the Knight Order.

Jill McKellenEdit

Jill McKellen is actually more of Anne's friend but she also wanted to befriend Pray despite her nasty reputation and the injuries she received from trying so. Jill still continued attempting to be familiar with Pray which was rewarded by some degree of tolerance.



(Pray justifying why she would not make other friends besides Anne)
Pray: "As long as I have Anne, I don't need anyone else"
(Pray's manipulative jealousy)
Pray: "I can't smile without Anne but how can Anne smile without me?" [9]
(Pray and Anne's clashing mentalities)
Anne: "Human beings...will they survive?"
Pray: "I don't give a damn. It's either kill or be killed. One or the other. I prefer to kill. No, the extinction of human beings would not be bad I guess. Nobody's gonna bother me and Anne."
Anne: "Monsters [Beasts] don't bother you?"
Pray: "Ah, right but I'll protect you Anne. I don't care if the others die or not."
Anne: "Then I'll have to protect the others. That's not a bad trade."
Pray: "You fool. That's a bad trade for me." [10]
(On Anne's overburdened sense of guilt and martyrdom)
Pray: "Don't go too far. If you only look at others all the time...I'm afraid you won't see me someday. I'm scared." [11]
(Pray's promise to Anne after her departure)
Pray: "Anne, I will be waiting for you at the garden until the time comes" [12]
(On Pray and Anne's co-dependent existence)
Milo: " me, they are not heroes, or Knights, or my students. To me, I still see them as the poor kids who used to beat up our church orphans to steal their food. They were always holding each other's hands. That never changed. Just like before, even when they entered the Knight Order, they never let each other's hand go. I fel bad for Roland [orphan whose food got stolen] but when I look at the, I just thought there was nothing I could do about it..." [13]
(Pray's last seen moments during the Third Battle of Arin)
Pray: "Do you me?"
Anne: "Are you kidding?...Of course I do...More than anything else in the world...I like you, Pray"
Pray: "I'm glad to hear that" [14]