Pray Mayer



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Main Episode-0: Chapter 1


28 (Birthday: Oct ~ Dec. CC 401)


132 cm (4' 4")


Former Top Sword


Number 5. V

Pray Mayer (a.k.a. Pray Meyer) is a Master Knight, one of the 7 Heroes of the Velchees War, and one of the main characters of Main Episode-0 Pray. She is currently the strongest known Queen of Beasts in existence, having birthed two powerful EX-Type Zeros and launched invasions against a vast multitude of humanity's planets and colonies. She has nearly single-handedly brought the whole human race to its knees with her incredible, cunning intelligence and martial skill. Pray was an enemy that humanity had to unite together and focus against if they were to survive any longer into the future.  


She appears to be a fairly short, almost prepubescent girl with extremely long, waist length blond hair and red eyes.

A notable feature of Pray, is that her pupils are vertical slants, like a cat, rather than circular as with most other humans. Unlike the changes that many human iris undergo during strenuous use of Paranormal Powers, this appears to be a permanent part of her anatomy.


Young anne pray

Anne and Pray, some time after being adopted as sisters.

Pray was found as a young girl on a planet which appeared to be in a war zone between humans and monsters.[1] The local food supply was non-existent, with most citizens in the city where she lived surviving on charity handouts from the Ancient Church. Law and order on that planet had broken down and crime was rampant, with gangs of slavers abducting children. Pray lived by killing and stealing from these gangs. The nearest law enforcement was 2 hours away in another system altogether. When she later "befriends" Fiona, Pray mentions that "I think... I came from that thing." pointing to the Blue Flower debris.[2] This implies that she is related to the Beasts some how.

On this planet she lived together with the young Anne Mayer, inside a small, sparsely furnished, wooden shack. She was dedicated to protecting Anne, going as far as killing multiple members of the child slavers when they tried to abduct Anne. This however invited a retaliatory strike, made with lethal intent.

One time when Pray was absent, Anne was injured in an attack where the slavers shot into their house. Anne was about to be killed when Milo, who ran an orphanage (which Pray tended to steal food from) arrived, saving her and handing the criminals over to the police.[3]

Milo then made an offer to have Anne adopted so that she could leave the planet, playing on Pray's protective instincts. Pray accepted under the condition that she would go with Anne, and the two of them were adopted by Karen Mayer who lived on Planet Tao, and were named Anne Mayer and Pray Mayer, respectively.[3] This is where Pray began to learn the "Mayer Style" of martial arts, which she would later develop into her own, more destructive Pray Style.[4][5] 



"Don't move, or I'll break your neck."

Pray is the strongest Knight in the universe, but she has an extremely sociopathic personality. Pray is more than merely antisocial, she's "psychologically disgusted" by humans, resorting to violence when they approach her, and otherwise, insulting them at every opportunity. Pray's universe is one that revolves around Anne; she has a deep hatred of all other humans, and will, without restraint, kill anyone or anything that may threaten Anne. Pray has a Darwinistic view on life; that only the strong survive and the weak should perish. She doesn't understand why Anne always tries to protect humans, though she follows along with Anne's desires for fear of losing Anne's love and approval. In this manner, her concern over Anne can be considered almost as an obsession of sorts. In her own words, "As long as I have Anne I don't need anyone else".

More lightheartedly, she tends to be focused on the immediate future, using her backpack to store potato chips instead of her camping gear such as her sleeping bag, though most likely a ploy so that she would end up sharing a sleeping bag with Anne instead. 


Pray Anne Knights

Anne Mayer, Pray Mayer, under the tutorlage of Top Sword Milo, become Knights in record breaking time.

Pray is a master in both armed and unarmed combat, both melee and ranged.

Her training in melee combat started when Anne was very young, after their adoption by the Mayer Family, driven by her need to gain strength to protect Anne. In doing so, Pray also inadvertently inspired Anne to train with her. Studying both unarmed and armed combat, including sword and spear techniques, Pray gained strength at a prodigious speed, quickly overtaking their teacher and creating her own unique Pray Style, based off of Mayer martial arts.

It's likely that Pray also learned gun handling like Jill and Anne when she was a Knight trainee, where she further refined her battle prowess. Pray breaks her original trainee sword due to not controlling her power in the initial clash against the Type 2 Fang Blade. After they regroup, Pray finds a trainee sword that was left behind by its dead owner.[6] This is the sword that she hangs on to throughout the rest of Main Episode-0 and it's seen multiple times. Pray uses it during the Battle of Velchees, which is impressive considering she was up against an EX-Type Zero wielding a Balisarda.[7] She also notably uses it in during the final fight of ME-0.[8]

One of Anne's classmates said that Pray was the rumored genius transfer trainee who became a trainee in a week without testing or adaptation training.[8]

Her most visible ability would be her Paranormal Power, Pray Style Wave Techniques. Concentrating on overwhelming force, this supremely destructive fighting style focused almost exclusively on nothing but pure power output, placing her at a level beyond any human, eventually gaining her the title of Top Sword, the strongest Knight. 

The sole person who could even come close to matching her skill and strength was Anne. And even then, Anne could only maintain a yearly win record of around 3% against Pray during their training years. Even so, the sheer fact that Anne could even put up a fight at all against Pray's overwhelming ability impressed even the most highly-ranked of Knights. Pray's prodigious combat stats and Anne's ability to at least keep pace with Pray to some degree led to their promotion to Knighthood in record time, as well as both being awarded high-level AB Swords upon graduating.[9] 

See also: Pray Style, List of Special Attacks.

Her abilities as a Queen are also quite notable. Here, they focus not so much on her martial skill capability, but rather on her incredible capacity as an intelligent, cunning military leader of the Beasts who fundamentally understands humans and their technology. She is the one who devised multitudes of surprise attacks against other human colonies, as well as swiftly and decisively conquered the capital world Arin by attacking from within Central Order itself. Her knowledge and understanding of human military mechanisms - whether in their military strategies or their weapons - allows her to incorporate powerful countermeasures into her own plans, allowing her to catch the humans off-guard when they become surprised that their conventional methods have no effect whatsoever on her Beasts. 

Role in Episode-0 Pray (Spoilers Below)Edit

Pray is mentioned only in passing for the majority of Main Episode 0.

Pray march

After she and Anne graduated as Knights, they fought many battles against the Beasts, yet despite living amongst humans for such a long time, Pray never adjusted her hostile personality, still only ever caring solely for Anne. 

Although much of Pray's past with Anne is divulged in flashbacks in Main Episode 0, not much about her current conditions in the present timeline are revealed. However, it's known that even after fighting and defending humanity over a vast number of battles against the Beasts alongside Anne after gaining their Knighthood, she never once attempted to alter her anti-humanistic personality, even with Anne's overt disapproval of such behavior. This viewpoint about her fellow humans would eventually lead her to commit two cold, remorseless murders. One of which where she murdered trainee Viola that in turn led to her ungraceful fall from celebrated Top Sword to an incarcerated Knight in Training.[10] Eventually, however, humanity's decision to incarcerate her would lead to her embracing the vengeful transformation into her destiny as a powerful Beast Queen, whereupon she created a massive armada of powerful monsters, and using advanced battle strategies and techniques, assaulted human planets with quick, decisive attacks that left the human race reeling in shock and defeat. From here on out, the current timeline details the events falling the loss of humanity's capital world, Arin

There was an interim during which she was detained on the planet Arin while Anne continued to serve her military duties in outer space. When the Beast assault on Arin occurred, Pray's whereabouts could not be confirmed and Anne, overcome with worry, willed herself into action in order to recover her beloved sister. However, little did she know that Pray herself was the source of the Beasts' conquest of Arin, having been converted into an Elise-type queen and birthing 2 of the strongest Beasts currently in existence - Fear and Blue Beetle - both being SS-Class EX-Type Zero Beasts, the strongest classification possible. This drives Anne into desperate, bewildered conflict against her sister-turned-villain, all the while unwilling to believe that the one whom she loved so much would betray the human race which Anne herself fought so hard to protect and defend. And so the two would become the penultimate players in a grand, epic conflict that spanned galaxies and eons of time, until the two finally clashed and made peace between themselves, teaching their respective species to acknowledged and respect the power of each side for the rest of time. 


Pray pregnant

"The imminent killing within me for such a long born".

Although the exact reason for Pray's transformation into a Queen is unclear, it's most likely due to her extreme view of the rest of humanity as being "weak" and "inferior", an opinion born of her own immense, overwhelming physical power. Thus, she believed that humans were dispensable and unnecessary. Furthermore, when Pray committed murder, Anne made a deal to keep Pray isolated on Arin while Anne herself performed military duties in a different Order from Central. Even thought this secured Pray's safety, it also allowed her destructive, anti-humanistic thoughts to fully corrupt her, in particular because Anne was not there to keep Pray in a stable state of mind. Without Anne, Pray most likely succumbed to the inherent darkness within her, eventually giving in to and embracing the Beast side within her. 

It's not immediately clear why not even a single human became aware of Pray's eventual descent into madness and depravity, but had humanity known of this fact, then there is no doubt that they would have been more prepared to deal with her sudden, overwhelming invasion of Arin. 

When Pray became a Queen, she was given the designation Elise-Type Queen, Number 34 (E-34). It's mentioned in ME0-Ch29 that Pray has to be classified as the 34th gene pattern that was recorded missing from the family tree E-33, 55 years ago.

Pray cell

Pray was secluded for 6 months in her room and was able to "give birth" to two Type-Zeroes within that time. Visible here are Fear on the left, Blue Beetle on the right and presumably Quatro still in the womb behind Pray.

As a queen, E-34 was notable in that she fully understands and takes advantage of Human technology in addition to the already formidably advanced genetic designs of her beasts.[11]

She used the Core Temple's reactor at the Central Order as a resource for her Nest to produce beasts at a much greater rate than usual and also seamlessly integrated existing and experimental human technologies in the designs of her Type Zeros, such as Fear's integrated Aurora System.

She currently has two EX-Type Zeros: Fear and Blue Beetle, although it was explicitly revealed that she was also raising another Type Zero "Quatro". The picture with the blue and white orbs shows her initial "pregnancy" with the first two Type Zeros. The second picture shows her six months after giving birth to the Fear and Blue Beetle, with Quatro still being gestated in the artificial womb in the background.

Pray EndGame

Pray's endgame

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