A project started by Anne, the PPP (Perfect Peace Project) antagonist research institute aims to create weapons that will decrease or eliminate the participation and death of humans in battles with Beasts.

"The 4th Ground Zero. Tobal's biggest large-scale research and finds-pot. PPP. The Alliance transferred authority to the PPP foundation which was officially recognized by the Alliance on the premise that the PPP would open the research data to them.

It is hard for the Administration, the Knights Order and also the AE to interfere rashly. It looks like they just shifted the territory to the research which belongs to the Alliance because they don't wan to make any trouble. The PPP research is a non-profit organization and also it is demilitarized. They have been transferring lots of their tech to the Alliance, the AE and the Knights Order.

Moreover, the PPP foundation "IAN School" which is the top-class engineering school in the planetary system has a research facility and they've also been training research workers. Although the planet is half destroyed, IAN School is a high performing school in the planetary system, and it forged a favorable public opinion by doing after war support activities." Leny, (AE2 - Ch5)