First Appearance

AE2 - Ch1






Cold Hero


Aaron Scyth

She is a Cold Hero and Chimera.

She uses the Aaron Scyth as her primary weapon alongside her energy projection abilities and is heavily involved in the events leading up to Another Episode 2.

It's revealed by Leny in (AE2 - Ch36) that the Original Chimera is responsible for the Blue Flower falling onto Tobal due to going berserk.

"The Chimeras are the new Knight Order's secret weapon. Zion willingly took the responsibility for what happened, because that had to be kept as a secret. This makes Zion look like a saint, but if it weren't for the Chimera, we three couldn't have stopped the Blue Flower in the first place. The Chimera was absolutely necessary for the victory, but it was our responsibility to control the psychologically unstable Chimera. It wasn't a human, but a mere weapon. It was our responsibility, but she volunteered to do the job, saying she doesn't have long left to live anyway. There is no way I would've felt sorry for her, so it served no one but herself for self-satisfaction... She wanted punish herself, after all." Leny, (AE2 - Ch37).


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