Number 999 01K

Lime Zail activating Number 999.

Number 999 02K

Roman numeral CMXCIX (999) engraved on the frame. Also visible is the spinning handle in the center.

AB Sword Number 999. Blue Cross (Masterpiece) is used by Lime Zail. It's a secret weapon of Central Order and its role is for base defense. It has incredible destructive power and is capable of fighting against an S-Class EX-Type Zero. However, the concentration of AB material is low and it suffers from poor durability as a result. Pray was able to completely smash it with a single Blue Wave Chi Attack.

The Roman numeral CMXCIX (999) is engraved on the cross near the center. First appears in ME0 - Ch49.

Number 999 03K

Full power mode.

Number 999 06K

Number 999 getting absolutely wrecked by Pray.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When inactive, the sword frame is a compact cross shape with a handle in the center. Upon activation, the frame spreads out and four large energy blades emit outward from the center. The user spins the cross at a high rate of speed and the blades are able to grow greatly in length when using full power.

Although it's classified as an AB Sword, it uses power directly from the Core Temple on a special system that's separate from the central one that Pray eroded.