Zion 02

Roman numeral DCLXXX (680) is visible on the handle to blade transition area.

Number 680. Armored Blade is a very large AB Sword that was used by Sion during the Battle of Tobal on the Blue Flower that E-34 sent. Many years later, towards the end of Another Episode-2, it's returned to her by Leny so that Sion can use it to fight against Hyperion Repair.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Number 680 emits a defensive barrier powerful enough to reduce the erosion ability of Mysteltein. Upon being commanded to release, the outer blade cladding separates away from the core and reforms back together around the body of the user to create a suit of armor.

After this process occurs, a Great sword is what remains at the core. It's blade bears the Latin inscription "Letum non omnia finit" which means "Death does not end it all".

Inside this Great sword is an even smaller, final sword which resembles a Jian.

First appears in AE2 - Ch2 and the special armor ability is shown in AE2 - Ch81.

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