Number 5

Sion Zail receiving Number 5. V upon being inducted with the title "Top Sword"

Number 5. V is an AB Sword crafted by Mother Knight specifically for Master Knight Ralph Paulo. It is considered to be a Masterpiece due to its special ability of dispersing into feather-like blades and for amplifying waves.

Number 5. V was known to be wielded by two different Top Swords. It is unknown whether the Knight Order/Mother Knight purposely assigns V as the exclusive AB Sword of recognized Top Swords.

The sword first appears in Main Episode-0 Pray where it was heavily used in multiple battles. It is also shown in flashbacks covered in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are.


V appears as a bulky and wide AB sword that is as tall as Sion Zail - it is also as heavy as it looks. The sword has a straight, double-edged blade that is pointed at the tip while the sharpened base is formed in a trapezoidal manner. Its name and Roman numeral designation is inscribed on the rain-guard. The sword has a ridiculously short hilt to match the large size of its blade.

When its Masterpiece ability is activated, V's blade transforms and disperses into a cluster of feather-like blades that follows the movement of the sword. The remaining blade left attached to the sword hilt is a bony spine.


Number 5-03

Pray using V to break a copy of Morglay from Number 1200. Human Age during her fight with Anne

In CC 400, V was presented to Sion Zail when she received the title of Top Sword in acknowledgement of her many successful battles.[1] She was seen already wielding V when she participated in the First Battle of Tobal. Sion notably used it to slay EX-Type Zero Hyperion. V was later returned to Mother Knight when Sion was cryonically preserved as a Cold Hero after her fight.

In CC 420, Mother Knight made an exception for V to be assigned to Pray Mayer as her fist AB sword in recognition of her overwhelming prowess that also earned her the title of Top Sword. Despite her stellar achievements, it was still a controversial decision as Pray had just graduated as a Knight trainee.[2] Pray was seen still wielding V in CC 422 when she joined in the Battle of Velchees as punishment for her first murder. She defeated Cross Eye Alpha and Beta using V. Shortly after this feat, Pray committed her second murder (killing Knight Viola). Her rank and title was revoked as part of the punishment while V was surrendered back to Knight Order.[3]

In CC 430, Beast Queen E-34 retrieved V and used it as her personal weapon after occupying Core Temple during the War of Prayer. She wielded V in the second bout of her epic fight against Master Knight Anne Mayer.[4] During the same fight, Anne also used a constructed copy of Number 5. V to match E-34's. Anne's V was created from the phenomenon effect of Number 1200. Human Age.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Number 5-02

Pray activating Number 5. V

V's blade can be activated to scatter into multiple feather-like blades, of varying sizes, that cluster around the bony spike left attached to the sword hilt. In this form, V's reach is greatly extended and is used more as a whip rather than a sword. The feathers can stray further from the sword to attack short-ranged distant targets. It can also be manipulated to create a tornado-like surrounding to trap opponents.

Additionally, V can also amplify Wave Technique while in its active state by forming the feathers into contra-rotating circular patterns that charge up the waves before an attack. The more feathers are used, the more destructive the charged waves would become. It appears the the formation and patterns of the feathers also manipulate the size and intensity of the wave blast. This ability must be used with caution as the charging process can take considerable time wherein the user is open to incoming attacks.


  • Ralph Paulo
  • Sion Zail - Sion was given ownership of V when she attained the title of Top Sword in CC 400. V was returned to Knight Order when she was cryonically preserved after the First Battle of Tobal.
  • Pray Mayer - V was immediately assigned to Pray after she graduated as a Knight trainee as she was simultaneously recognized as the Top Sword of her generation. She was stripped off of her rank, title, and ownership of V when she was found guilty of her second murder.
  • E-34 - after the fall of Central Order, E-34's brood looted the Knights' HQ. E-34 then appropriated V as her personal weapon.
  • Anne Mayer - wielded a copy of V during her fight against E-34 in the Third Battle of Arin. The copy was constructed by Number 1200. Human Age.