Number 5

Sion becomes a new master of Number 5.

AB Sword Number 5. V (Masterpiece) was originally made by Mother Knight for Ralph Paulo.

It was later presented to Sion Zail when she received the title of Top Sword in acknowledgement of her many successful battles and protection of a Ground Zero.[1] She uses it during her fight against EX-Type Zero Hyperion while protecting planet Tobal. When Sion enters cryostasis to become a Cold Hero, she gives up ownership of Number 5. V.

Many years later it's passed on to Pray Mayer, who became its owner right after she officially became a Knight. This is an exceptional case considering that Number 5. V is a masterpiece.[2] It was later forfeited after Pray lost her title of Top Sword due to being convicted of murdering Knight Viola.[3] Pray later retrieved it as E-34 after occupying the Core Temple of Central Order during the Pray War. She later uses it during her final fight against Anne.[4]

Anne Mayer uses a copy of Number 5. V created from Number 1200. Human Age in her fight against E-34.

It is likely that Mother Knight treated Number 5. V as a sword exclusive to the Top Sword position.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Number 5-02

Pray activating Number 5.

Number 5-03

Activated V breaking the Number 1200. Human Age in the hands of Pray.

Its blade can be scattered into a feather shape to greatly extend the sword's reach. These scattered petals can also form into a circle shape to focus and amplify Wave Techniques, as demonstrated by Anne. 

Even though it's a relatively small sword it's highly durable. 

References Edit

Number 05 Wave

Anne using an amplified wave technique.

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