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AB Sword Number 30. Arondight was given to Van Nelson by Leny.[1] He used this sword to rescue Sion from the orbital elevator. Later it was returned to him while fighting against Chatterbox.[2] This creates a great irony, the sword tainted with the blood of Tobal later becomes the sword that protects Tobal from the true enemy.

At the conclusion of Another Episode-2, Number 30. Arondight is passed on to a new owner.

Powers and Abilities Edit

It's scabbard has a special ability where it opens down the length, spreads out numerous inertial deflection booster panels around the user (similar to those in the Aurora System) and greatly increases the power/speed of projectile attacks that reflect off them. During his fight with Ray, Van performed multiple Kaleidoscope Attacks by reflecting the 5th Demon: Ma Sun Demonic Strokes off these panels in a 9 Boost, an 18 Boost, and then a 54 Boost version.[3]

The sword itself is nothing special, but it's extremely durable. This is demonstrated when it blocks a powerful arrow attack from Ray. The blade deflected the arrow, while the surrounding orbital elevator was obliterated and Van lost his right arm from the shockwave alone.[4]

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