Number 13 14K

Sion pierced Number 13. Friday through the arms of EX-Type Zero Land Slayer, pinning them together. She has Reah's sword in her hand.

Number 13 08K2

Anne delivering the fatal cut to E-34 using a copy of Number 13. Friday, created from Number 1200. Human Age.

Number 10&13K

Anne with copies of Number 10. Square and Number 13. Friday, created from Number 1200. Human Age.

AB Sword Number 13. Friday has been used by multiple Knights throughout its history.

Sion Zail used it when she became a Knight until she was later awarded Number 5. V in recognition of becoming Top Sword. It can be seen in her battle with EX-Type Zero Land Slayer.

Master Knight Leny became the next owner of Number 13. Friday. As of the most recent translated chapter, it's still in her possession. This is the AB Sword she used fighting alongside Sion and the Original Chimera when attacking the Blue Flower that E-34 sent to Tobal during the Battle of Tobal.

Anne Mayer uses a copy of Number 13. Friday created from Number 1200. Human Age while fighting against E-34. She used it to deliver the fatal cut, making Number 13. Friday the sword that saved all of humanity.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • The Roman numeral XIII is engraved near the tip of the blade and in two places on the handle.
  • It has the nickname "Guillotine" due to its slightly curved blade, which is good for cutting necks.