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AB Sword Number 1200. Human Age is used by Anne during the final events of Main Episode-0 Pray. It's rarely used and is reserved as a weapon of triumph' humans' haymaker.[1] It's the Mother Knight's last sword made in the Northern Order, Limit Supernatural Weapon.[1]

It was created after the Central Nest Exploration plan was put forth as mankind had stabilized and the Human Age approached. However, the widespread devastation caused by E-34 is what caused Number 1200. Human Age to enter battle.

According to Anne, originally this sword is for signalling the beginning of the Human Age.[1] In response to this, Queen E-34 declares that it's merely a copy of Morglay and is an unstable toy.[1] E-34, wielding Number 5. V, proceeds to destroy most of Number 1200. Human Age in the epic battle.

Powers and Abilities Edit

This is a special, single-use weapon system that has a time limit of 30 minutes. After that, it becomes unusable.

While stored, Number 1200. Human Age takes up much less space, around a few meters each in size. When activated, it forms into a dozen giant blades around 300 meters each, composed of hexagonal particles. These particles can reform and mimic most of the AB Swords that have been created, including their unique special abilities. There is no limit to this ability to replicate, but all the calculations required fall upon the user. The more swords copied, the greater the toll on the user's body, which seems to be enormous.

This supernatural weapon also creates a closed space around it, just like Morglay.[2]

References Edit

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