Number 11 and 12

Number 11 and Number 12 connecting together to form a double-saber.

Number 11 02K

Number 11 gets destroyed by Pray's "Nameless Two Swords Full Power Slash" which Anne tried to block.

Number 11 and 12 02K

Identical twins.

AB Sword Number 11. Monday is used by Anne.

 Powers and Abilities Edit

Number 11. Monday is a twin set with Number 12. Tuesday and they look identical to each other, except for the different Roman numerals and the Latin inscription on Number 12. They have the special ability to connect together to form a double-saber.[1]

Also they are known for their exceptional strength amongst AB Swords. Anne specifically requested these two swords for that reason since her battle style relies on swordsmanship. Giving two unique AB Swords to one Knight is also exceptional and it's the first time to give two swords to a newbie.[2]

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Number 11. Monday is destroyed by Pray during the climax fight of the Arin Recovery Campaign.[1]
  • The origin of their names is that at the time of the creation, Mother Knight was too annoyed to properly name them.

References Edit

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