Hyperion holding Mysteltein.

Mysteltein Captured 01

Mysteltein in it's holding chamber.

Mysteltein Ground 01
Mysteltein Summoned 01

Hyperion Repair summoning Mysteltein.

Mysteltein Summoned 02
Mysteltein Summoned 03

Mysteltein is an AAA-Class Red Sidereal piercing weapon that can also used to slice through objects like a double-saber. It was given to EX-Type Zero Hyperion by Bishop.

Powers and Abilities Edit

It has been called the "cursed branch" and the "cursed bough" due to having an extremely powerful mutagenic effect on pierced targets. This causes rapid disintegration (even for non-biological objects like ships), wounds that do not heal easily and contamination of surrounding land. It's similar to the corruption that happens around Queen Nests and fallen Blue Flower debris. The defensive barrier that AB Sword Number 680 creates can greatly reduce the mutagenic effect of Mysteltein.

Not only can it be thrown at extremely high velocity, but Hyperion demonstrates that its direction can be controlled while in flight, leading to utter devastation of multiple targets very rapidly. After the defeat of Hyperion it was recovered and studied in order to use its power for the spears wielded by the Raven Units. When Hyperion Repair later appears he summons Mysteltein from a great distance, totally destroying its field vault for the Raven spears as it instantly responds to his will.

Quotes Edit

Speaking about Sion being subdued by these spears, "There's no point. That's our ace in the hole to substitute the AB Element. She won't be able to resist. Those spears are just replicas... ...that only resonate the original. And the curse that enables the resonance comes from... Mysteltein. The cursed piece of wood from the enemy." Robert Nelson[1]

"It was a terrible curse... 30 years have passed, but no one can inhabit on the earth that was struck with that bough." Tinie[2]

"That thing's holding... The nightmare of planet Arle." Random solider, speaking about Hyperion.[3]

References Edit


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