Mysteltein Captured 01

Mysteltein preserved in inactive mode by Tobal Union

Mysteltein (also known as the Cursed Branch or the Cursed Bough) is an AAA-Class Red Sidereal piercing weapon that can also used to slice through objects like a double-saber or thrown as a javelin. It was originally a part of the Guardian Bishop's inventory but was somehow transferred to Hyperion before the First Battle of Tobal in CC 400. With Hyperion's defeat, Humans claimed Mysteltein for their research and development until Hyperion Repair reclaimed the weapon during the Third Battle of Tobal in CC 431. Humans once again preserved the weapon for their usage but it was stolen by the Observers. On the other hand, Bishop had already set out to recover Mysteltein, even by force, when it was notified of Hyperion Repair's defeat. It was revealed that the Observers meant to return it in advance to Bishop who was already at Vine at that time in order to avoid a confrontation with the Guardian.

Mysteltein appears as a black erratic line/thread with a bluish-purplish glow and surrounded by a miasma - it appears to be highly unstable with no definite shape. The material composition of Mysteltein is unknown as it can bend, extend, contract, and move remotely with no limitations which is against the known laws of physics. It crystalizes into a white-silver substance when the spear enters an inactive state.

Mysteltein's properties make it similar to a Phenomenon Weapon as it appears that the weapon reacts according to the will of the user. However, it is not a Phenomenon Weapon per se because Mysteltein lacks the unique criteria of manipulating reality to manifest the ideas of the user.


Mysteltein Summoned 01

Hyperion Repair summoning Mysteltein.

It was given to EX-Type Zero Hyperion by Bishop.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mysteltein Ground 01

Effect of Mysteltein's erosion on Tobal's surface

Mysteltein gained its reputation as the "Cursed branch" or the "Cursed Bough" due to excreting a polluting aura that activates an extremely powerful mutagenic reaction on affected targets. This causes rapid and irreversible disintegration/decomposition for both biological and non-biological matter. Contaminated surface areas are deemed forever uninhabitable for humans. It's similar to the corruption that happens around Queen Nests and fallen Blue Flower debris. The defensive barrier that AB Sword Number 680 creates can greatly reduce the mutagenic effect of Mysteltein.

Not only can it be thrown at extremely high velocity, but Hyperion demonstrates that its direction can be controlled while in flight, leading to utter devastation of multiple targets very rapidly. After the defeat of Hyperion it was recovered and studied in order to use its power for the spears wielded by the Raven Units. When Hyperion Repair later appears he summons Mysteltein from a great distance, totally destroying its field vault for the Raven spears as it instantly responds to his will.

World TreeEdit

World tree

Hyperion activated Mysteltein to transform into the World Tree

Mysteltein can be activated to reveal its true form which is the planet-eroding World Tree. The World Tree first appeared during the First Battle of Tobal when Top Sword Sion Zail cornered EX-Type Zero Hyperion. Hyperion then activated Mysteltein to transform into the World Tree.




(A solider commenting on Hyperion)
"That thing's holding... The nightmare of planet Arle!"[1]
(Commenting on Raven Units' ability to subdue Sion Zail)
Robert Nelson: "There's no point. That's our ace in the hole to substitute the AB Element. She won't be able to resist. Those spears are just replicas that only resonate the original. And the curse that enables the resonance comes from Mysteltein. The cursed piece of wood from the enemy."[2]
Lieutenant General Tinie:"It was a terrible curse... 30 years have passed, but no one can inhabit on the earth that was struck with that bough."[3]



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