Miliaria was a female human Knight and secret agent of the Knight Order. She acted as the Knight Order's representative to Planet Tobal to promote their own interests, especially in monopolizing access over the Ground Zeroes. She was able to autonomously act as she saw fit since the Knight Order granted her sole managerial rights over the planet.

It was revealed that Miliaria was covertly running the aggravated political situation in Tobal wherein a protracted proxy conflict between Knight Order and AE is currently ongoing. Using her authority, Miliaria continued ensuring that Tobal would largely remain as a vassal planet to Knight Order by preventing planetary unification and fostering internal hostilities which eventually fueled a highly competitive arms race.

Miliaria appeared in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are and was primarily based in the Republic of Lian, a domestic superpower with a puppet government under her influence. She attempted to restore the status quo before the establishment of the Tobal Union and its declaration of independence by sabotaging Robert Nelson's presidential campaign and the entry of the AE anti-Knights faction. However, Miliaria was eventually killed while doing so.



Miliaria appears as a young, attractive woman with dark complexion and silver hair. She usually appears wearing skimpy outfits that reveal a lot of her skin, especially her thighs and cleavage. She lost her right forearm to Clint Zail while attempting to assassinate Robert Nelson but this was later replaced by a metallic prosthetic.

When she was first shown in the series, Miliaria was wearing a short dress while talking to President Billy in his hideout bunker. After that, she was seen consistently wearing a red hooded jacket paired with black short shorts and red boots.


Miliaria was fiercely loyal to the Knight Order as it was a place where she was truly accepted. She used any means necessary to carry out the Knight Order's objectives including assassination, extortion, blackmail, and manipulation. She would have disposed of any threats to the Knight Order without remorse or hesitation.


Miliaria grew up as an ostracized orphan who was rejected by the community in fear of her destructive powers. The community was composed of normal people with her being the only one different. This stressful situation became a vicious cycle as the community would forcefully isolate Miliaria through physical attacks, the inflicted injuries would then shed blood and activate her powers, she would then involuntarily harm her oppressors (often fatally), which prompts the community to continue hating and hurting her all over again. The cycle was eventually broken when a recruiter took her away to become a Knight [1].

Miliaria then graduated from the Knights Academy and was assigned to internal security and intelligence. During this time, she schemed against Ray Zail, a promising Master Knight who became the R&D Head of Central Order, to have him expelled. Her reasons for doing this was never revealed. After that incident, Miliaria was transferred to Tobal to realize Knight Order's interests in the planet covertly.

Miliaria then facilitated setting up Knight Order's facilities in the planet which ranged from general R&D to full industrial-scale manufacturing of weaponry and cores. In effect, she turned Tobal into the Knight Order's very own arsenal. Miliaria also made sure that all of the Ground Zeroes in Tobal would fall under the control of Knight Order or their subsidiaries and affiliates. To manage the planet effectively, she installed several puppet governments while sowing discord between the "allied" states of Knight Order and those aligned with AE. Miliaria was shown personally responsible for manipulating the Republic of Lian through its leader, President Billy [2].


Clint vs miliara

Clint confronting Miliaria inside the studio buiding

Ray vs miliara

Ray defeating Miliaria

Miliaria was first shown conversing with President Billy after the disastrous results of the Second Battle of Tobal. She assured Billy that despite what seemingly happened during the battle, the Knight Order would remain in Tobal to support the Billy administration as long as they continue cooperating in return. Miliaria then acknowledged that Robert Nelson already entered politics and might be a powerful adversary in the upcoming presidential election.

After the failure of the first assassination attempt on Nelson, Miliaria soon took more active approaches to interfere in Tobal's internal politics as a response to the arrival of the AE anti-Knights faction. She then personally participated in another assassination attempt on Nelson during a live presidential campaign debate [3]. Miliaria recruited disgruntled Utah special forces soldiers who had became refugees after the Second Battle of Tobal. The enhanced cyborg soldiers attacked the studio building where the debate was being hosted while Miliaria slipped in undetected.

Unfortunately for her, Clint Zail, who shares Robert's hatred of the Knight Order and has joined up with him, was able to correctly identify her amidst the Utah soldiers as the true threat/mastermind. Clint then attacked Miliaria and was able to sever off her right forearm but she was able to make a quick escape by exploding her blood. As she was trying to reroute her way to Robert, Miliaria and Ray encountered each other again. Miliaria smugly challenged Ray as he was unarmed but the latter was still able to defeat her with just one punch. Miliaria then retreated thereafter but not before activating a remote drone that lobbed several rockets at the studio building. Just before the rockets hit, Robert's fleet intercepted them successfully. Meanwhile, all of the cyborg soldiers had all been neutralized already, thus the assassination failed.

Miliaria later retaliates against the rising anti-Knights backlash by trying to stop Lieutenant General Tinie's plan to reactivate the derelict Mnemeion. Tinie sought the core from the destroyed Blue Flower that fell on Tobal and had it transplanted to the Mnemeion. Tinie was suppressing the core into submission using a lost technology from the Innovation Empire, the God's Pillars. Miliaria's efforts were in vain however as she gets mortally wounded by Tinie as the two encountered each other. Tinue then mocks her pathetic strength, claiming that those who have no experience fighting beasts, unlike him, are weak. He further mocks Miliaria about her blind loyalty to the Knight Order. In her dying moments, Miliaria responded that she was merely protecting the community that she sincerely felt a part of. Tinie did not notice that Miliaria was stalling for time while she deliberately allowed her wounds to bleed out as much as possible. Before losing consciousness, Miliaria activated her powers - the ensuing explosion destroyed the central system unit for the God's Pillars. The Mnemeion then goes berserk as Tinie lost control of the core [4].


Miliaria's actions in Tobal ultimately led to the planet's demise. By influencing/manipulating several domestic governments and locating Knight Order's facilities in them, Tobal became a prime target for Queen E-34 who sent a single Blue Flower to decimate it in CC 430 (Second Battle of Tobal).

Along with the actions of other characters, Miliaria was directly responsible for allowing EX-Type Two Chatterbox to rally a large beast army which made the Third Battle of Tobal actually happen. Her intervention in Tinie's plans damaged the control center and sent the core into haywire. Chatterbox then took advantage of the situation to hack into and takeover control of Mnemeion. Through this, the EX-Type Two was also able to reach out and obtain the support of Hyperion Repair.

By extension, it could be said that Miliaria also played a part in causing the Tobal Civil War due to the immediate consequences of her actions, especially with the political climate that she cultivated in the planet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Miliara blood ability

Miliaria creating blood bubbles with her AB Sword

Clint vs miliara1

Miliaria exploding her blood

Miliaria possess a genetically-transmitted paranormal power that enables her to manipulate her own blood, specifically by creating explosions out of them. It was also shown that she can quickly stop her wounds from bleeding. Due to her exploding blood, Clint suspected Miliaria to be related to the Talims but this remains unconfirmed. It is also unknown whether she can control the intensity of the explosion and if she can manipulate her blood for other purposes.

Milairia also wielded an unknown AB Sword shaped like a vise claw with serrated, tooth edges inside. The AB Sword's claw-like blade can tighten and loosen its grip. In conjunction with her powers, Miliaria uses it similar to a bubble maker toy by coating the edges with her blood and then flinging it. The action causes her blood to be blown into bubbles to a specified direction. She then sets the blood bubbles to explode once in close proximity to her intended target.


  • Leny

    Miliaria and Leny had a competitive relationship with each other as they were both doing the same kind of work. It was explicitly shown that Miliaria was concerned on losing her managerial rights over Tobal to Leny.

  • Ray Nelson

    Miliaria was the reason why Ray Nelson was expelled from the Knight Order. Due to this, the two share mutual hatred and disgust for the other. Ray was more than delighted to get the opportunity to punch Miliaria on the face when they met again on Tobal.



(Miliaria being recruited)
Recruiter: "It's difficult living among them isn't it? Want me to show [you] a place where people like us can live together, miss? Follow me"[5]

(On her blind loyalty to Knight Order)
Miliaria: "A place where you can be...What's wrong in swearing your loyalty to that?"[6]