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Another Episode-2: Chapter 4








Miliaria is the Knight Order's representative on Tobal, she is the one who's responsible for manipulating Tobal's President Billy. Sensing the threat from Robert Nelson as he is determined to drive the Knight Order out of Tobal and due to the fact that the New Alliance under Dry doesn't care about Tobal like before, she plotted an assassination of Robert, but failed as she was surprised by the appearance of Clint Zail and Ray Nelson (previously known to her as Ray Zail).

She later tries to stop Lieutenant General Tinie's plan of using the Core from the destroyed Blue Flower that fell on Tobal to power the derelict Graveyard Mnemeion ship. Miliaria is mortally wounded by Tinie, but her blood has the special ability to explode upon command. She uses this to cause massive damage to the control room of the God's Pillars, which causes them to temporarily lose control over the Mnemeion.[1]

Chatterbox utilizes this opportunity to hack into Mnemeion, taking control of the ship, then revives and repairs the defeated EX-Type Zero Hyperion, creating Hyperion Repair in the process. As can be seen, Miliaria's actions directly contribute to untold loss of life on Tobal.[1]

References Edit

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