Main Episode-1 Hero (Korean: 히어로; abbreviated as ME-1) is the second main episode of Knight Run but the fourth published volume in the series. It is the sequel to Main Episode-0 Pray and Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are.

ME-1 follows the aftermath of the War of Prayer and particularly focuses on the life of retired Master Knight Anne Mayer vis-a-vis the political and societal changes simultaneously occurring in the backdrop.


ME-1 follows where ME-0 left off, at the conclusion of the War of Prayer. Despite the apparent death of Queen E-34, her brood, particularly her Flower Garden, continue to wreck havoc across human worlds following their Queen's last standing orders to deliver the end of humanity. AE, greatly humiliated by its failure to embark on the Arin Recovery Campaign, lacks the military strength to cope with the increased beast invasions and thus gradually loses its influence and dominance. In this gap, humanity found succor and confidence in the emerging New Alliance led by a Knight supremacist faction under Dry Leonhard. New Alliance is now poising to takeover AE's political role as humanity's supreme unified government. Thus, the stage is set for a conflict between humans even though the beast threat has yet to be fully suppressed.

Meanwhile, Anne Mayer joins an expeditionary force to suppress a new Beast Queen that had appeared amidst the War of Prayer. Despite clearing through the Queen's brood and her Nest, Anne hesitates to slay the Queen as she projects the dying last moments of Pray Mayer to that of the Queen standing in front of her. Soon after, she is deemed no longer fit for active combat and retires to an idyllic colony where she hopes to recover from her trauma and forever abandon her life as a Knight riddled with violence. Anne opens her own store, Café Pray, which serves as her new home. At the same time, she had the PPP also relocate its headquarters to the same planet while undertaking the Machine Society project in secrecy.


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