A new group, who have observed the Pray War from behind the scenes, is now revealed. Their mission was called "Eye Of The Beholder" and the final phase is to retrieve certain items, such as EX-Type Zero Quatro, but she 's already been removed by Fear. This secret group then warps out using a special Minimum Warp cube.

The existence of the Chimera project is shown as well as what seems to be mass-produced Cross Eye Aplhas along with matching Balisardas.

The remaining 8 Blue Flowers, now with Queen E-34 being dead, warp far away, possibly to the Beast Cemetery according to Dry.

The focus then changes far away to a remote planet. A small spacecraft warps in an notices an anomalous gravity field, as if a 1500km class satellite should be there. Moments later, this hidden satellite de-cloaks and it's revealed that Cross Eye Alpha is still alive and it was Balisarda's power that was cloaking the satellite.

Anne and Dry then meet face to face for the first time after the Pray War has ended.

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