Lucifer is an EX-Type Zero, at least B-Class, that appeared within the jurisdiction area of Northern Order in CC 427. Its Queen is unknown. Lucifer is characterized by its humanoid figure with two elongated horns and talon-like feet, reminiscent of the supernatural demons in mythology.

Lucifer's brief appearance in Main Episode-0 Pray was only as a reference to when Anne Mayer replied that she would prefer being a War Adviser rather than return to combat in the front lines. Lucifer reappears again in Main Episode-2 Knight Fall where it had a more active role.


First AppearanceEdit

Lucifer appeared in CC 427 attacking an unnamed human world. It soon ensued into a large-scale battle with the arrival of an ad hoc Knights suppression team specifically gathered to slay the EX-Type Zero. The battle ended when Lucifer, sustaining heavy injuries, decided to escape from the fight. Master Knight Anne Mayer was the only survivor from the team.

Second AppearanceEdit

After fleeing, Lucifer sought out and scavenged the corpse of EX-Type Zero Satan. It adopted its predecessor's traits and its threat assessment was "upgraded" to S-Class. Lea Zail and her retinue of Knights finally slain Lucifer when it revealed its new, enhanced self.


Anne mentioned to Leo during the Battle of Void that she could no longer fight as a Knight again due to irreversible injuries from irradiation when her DC Coat was blasted off by Lucifer[1]. Pray Mayer would later note that Anne's current weakened state was a far cry from when they last saw each other. It was inferred that Lucifer's unique particle beam variant has a long-term adverse effect to those exposed to the beams.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lucifer specializes as a mid to long range combatant, firing its charged particle beam attacks in wide-arc blasts. Its particle beams are a unique variation which induce a poison or burning effect due to possessing unusually higher-intensity radiation that propagates as an emission of Lucifer's discharge.

As a poison effect, the radiation contaminates biological and non-biological matter that has similar hazards to a nuclear fallout. Humans exposed to such radiation suffer from severe health risks that are irreversible. As a burning effect, Lucifer's radiation can produce deflagrated combustion to contaminated materials and even detonation if certain catalysts are present.

Lucifer seems to possess a special coating that makes it immune to the heavy radiation effects of its particle beams.