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7th Colony of ArinA-10AB Sword
AdamAdmiral LinnellAlcyone
Allen McKellenAnne MayerAnother Episode-1 Father's day
Another Episode 2: The Village Where You AreArinAshily
Aurora SystemAvalonBalisarda
Battle of TobalBattle of ValtiaBattle of Velchees
BeastsBen EdwinBernet
BishopBlue BeetleBlue Flower
Blue RingCentral OrderChamild Organ
CharactersCirceClint Zail
Cold HeroCoreCosmic Century
Cross Eye Alpha and BetaDC CoatDan
Daniel LeonhardDikeDiorasis IV
Direct Intellection Synchronization type Phenomenon Probability Locking Calculation WeaponDollDr. Thor
Dry LeonhardEX-Type TwoEX-Type Zero
Electric eelElectronic Warfare TypeEve Zail
FionaG-34 Satellite CannonGallery of Armor Suits
Gardens of BabylonGarouGate
GawainGio ZailGlossary
Ground ZeroHigh Rank BeastHomunculus
HyperionHyperion RepairIAN School
Ice WitchIngridInnovation Empire
Jack NortonJamil OrganJill McKellen
KamadKamalKaren Mayer
KasimKnightKnight Run
Knight Run WikiLamieLand Slayer
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Lieutenant General TinieLime GileList of Beasts: EX-Type
List of Beasts: NumberList of Beasts: TypeList of Chapters
List of Comics VolumesList of Human ShipsList of Human Weapons
List of Other BeastsList of Special AttacksList of Unnamed Beasts
List of Unnamed Human WeaponsLuciferMJOLNIR
Main Episode-0 PrayMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 1. The KnightsMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 10. The Impossible Assult
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 11. Knight, Jill McKellenMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 12. EnemyMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 13. Silent War
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 14. DrawingMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 15. Power for SomebodyMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 16. Preparation
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 17. Prelude to WarMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 18. KnightsMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 19. Fear in White
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 2. The Land Where People Live OnMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 3. Person I MissMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 4. A Two Person Battle
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 5. The Hand That Stroked My HeadMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 6. GloomyMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 7. Retirement
Main Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 8. SignMain Episode-0 Pray: Chapter 9. Fellow Soldier, Doll, Disciple, And...Main Episode-1 Hero
Main Episode-2 Knight FallMay GileMiliaria
Montia FlowersMorglayMother Knight
MystelteinMyun and MayNew Alliance
Norton Class Battle CruiserNorton Class Command ShipNumber 1. The One
Number 5. VNumber 680. Armored BladeNumber 9. Thousand Spikes
Original ChimeraPPPParanormal Power
Particle BeamPray MayerPray Style
Pray WarPresident BillyQueen
RabbitRalph PauloRamsie
Ran GileRaven SuitsRay Nelson
Rhea ZailRick McCoyRobert Nelson
Ron LeonhardRune LeonhardSatan
Sion ZailTitan Class Battle CruiserTobal
ValtiaVan NelsonVoid
Wave TechniqueWizard TypeZail Family

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