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The beasts' battleships and other weapons are usually produced in "Plant factories" (biologic structures that are born from "Seeds" and act similar to Queens, leeching resources from the earth and corroding it).

It is likely that these beasts all have numerical designations also, but are common enough to be colloquially named.


Plant factories producing no.387 in Arin (Ch13)

List of Known, undesignated BeastsEdit

  • Black Shark

Single-digit High Rank Beast, semi Type-Zero. Capable of wielding different weapons such as swords, lances, spears, and particle cannons.

Black shark
  • ???

Single-digit High Rank Beast and, interestingly, has a silhouette of a human. Pray Meyer fought against five of them simultaneously in the past wherein they were seen using a double bladed weapon.

Cool guys
  • ???

Single-digit High Rank Beast, semi Type-Zero and, interestingly, has a silhouette of a human. Capable of using various weapons such as swords and spears. Powerful enough to deflect a blow from a Zero Breaker. Produced by E-34 and is usually seen accompanying/escorting the queen or Fear or Blue Beetle. Has shown to have the ability to communicate verbally by saying "kii" to its queen.

  • Guardian

Appears in Ch13. Huge fortress type beasts.

From Ch13: "A space fortress that stays in the stratosphere and bars the planet from space. Extensively fitted with Jamil Engines that extend a perfect ECM over communicating radars and with Chamild Engines that distort the visible lights and control the visibility, these special fortresses can isolate the whole planet from the outer space". Can store many ships.

  • Harmel Frigate

Appeared in Ch17. Fast assault warships with particle beams specialized in quick attacks.

  • Fin Type

Appeared in Ch17. Fast assault ships. They shoot missiles and are capable of rapidly entering a planetary atmosphere.

  • Teddy Bears

Heavily armored, twice as tall as a human and capable of firing very powerful beams. Appears in Ep0-Ch17,18 and 19.

Knight-run-teddy bears cropped
  • Walking Shrimp

Massive anti-aircraft units with heavy shielding on their backs. Appears in Ep0-Ch1.

Green shrimp-esque
  • Dragon

Have been mentioned in books only. Produced by E-34 in Planet Arin.

  • Crossworm

First appearance Ep0-Ch13

Land beast which can make an energy shield and shoot destructive beams. Its weak point is the shield generator in its chest.

  • Manan Mothership

Appears in Ch17. A massive beast 1km in length capable of warping. Stores Floaters and smaller beasts.

  • Floater

Appears in Ch17. Harmless to battleships, Floaters are the Beast's analogue to fighters, serving many purposes from protecting larger ships and valuable units to destroying undefended buildings.


Appears in Ch41. All Purpose Invasion Type Fortress "Blue Flower" is a massive fortress-class beast specialized for strategic power projection. Equivalent to a mobile Queen's Nest, containing hundreds of thousands of smaller beasts within recessed bunkers on its surface, equipped with a super heavy yield multidirectional particle weapon capable of shooting down a Torbal space fortress in a single shot, thousands of normal output particle cannons all over its facets and being able to consecutively warp, this is a mobile base capable of assaulting and holding an entire human world by itself.


A Blue Flower ascends, firing it's thousands of Warships grade weapons at debries.

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