• AF-1003

First appearance: Ep0 - Part 8

A new AE fighter, it can battle in vacuum and Zero G as well as in atmosphere. Prefitted with mutiple loadouts for different purposes. Loadout "C" contains multiple "SB" missiles and "Specialised Shells" for Space combat.

It is equipped with directional thrusters Allowing for great maneuverability. Along with it's missile hardpoints, it has a pair of 50mm auto cannons mounted on multi-directional ball bearing ports on it's bottom side.

  • Cherrydogs

First appearance: Ep0 - Part 8.

Equipped with a single auto cannon on a rotary chassis upon its back, this light tank is desgined for fast urban action, with four independently spinning wheels capable of navigating rough terrain fast.


First appearance: Ep0 - Ch9

Human shaped robots, versatile and multipurpose, see main article for details.

  • TAT-210

First appearance: Ep0 - Ch13

An AUA mobile artillary vehicle optimised for rough terrain that fires wire guided missiles.

  • YF-1035

First appearance: Ep0 - Ch13

An AUA, core equipped, heavy fighter than is fitted to battle up to Type 77 beasts.

Equipped three pairs of refirectional particle beams and directional thrusters both powered by a core, these are the most powerful fighter designs thus far shown.


A very large fighter craft, with the white fighter to the upper being an AF - 1003

  • DIA

First appearance: Ep0 - Ch18

Shoots missiles and a pair of engine mounted particle cannons.


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