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A page listing the known designs of Human Warships.

Human warships in general have an energy generating Core which powers a multi-configuration shield and multiple directional particle weapons. Warships also carry large amounts of missiles and larger ones carry fighters as well, kinetic accelerators are rarer, but certain ships carry them.

Certain newer models of warships are equipped with the Aurora System, a high power maneuvering system that allows for near instant changes in speed and direction.

First Appearance: Ep0 - Ch5.


First appearance: Ep0 - Ch1.


First appearance: Ep0 - Ch1. (전투순양함)

Fleets usually have more than one version of this ship, from old A-types to newer ones.


First appearance: Ep0 - Ch39. (전투순양함)

Succession Ship to Norton Class.


First Appearance: Ep0 - Ch9. (전투순양함)

Stronger than the Norton Class.

  • Arden

First Appearance: Ep0-Ch14

Have stealth capabilities and can submerge underwater.


First appearance: AE1 - Ch1. (고속순양함)


First Appearance: Ep0 - Ch17.

  • Sowat

First appearance: Ep0 - Ch23.

Anti-type zero battleship. It can kill E or F class type zeroes without any knights.


First Appearance: Ep0 - Ch36.


First Appearance: Ep0 - Ch51.


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