Knight Run was published in comic book form for the first time in October 20, 2010, in Korea. That is Another Episode-1 Father's day.

Comics Version of Knight Run was drawn by different artists.

List of Comics VolumesEdit

Main Episode-0 PrayEdit

Main Episode-0 Pray published in comic book form, in December 25, 2011.

  • Volume 1: Published in December 25, 2011. Artist: Sung-gyu Park (박성규)
    • Chapter 1. The Knights (기사)
    • Chapter 2. The Land Where People Live On (사람이 사는 땅)
    • Chapter 3. Person I Miss (만나고 싶은 사람)
    • Chapter 4. A Two Person Battle (두 사람의 싸움)
    • Chapter 5. The Hand That Stroked My Head (내 머리를 쓰다듬어 주던 손)
    • Chapter 6. Gloomy (답답함)
  • Volume 2: Published in April 26, 2014. Artist: Gi-ho Lee (이기호)

Another Episode-1 Father's dayEdit

Another Episode-1 Father's day published in comic book form, in October 20, 2010.

  • Volume 1: Published in October 20, 2010. Artist: Hyerim Hwangbo (황보혜림)
  • Volume 2: Published in November 18, 2010. Artist: Hyerim Hwangbo (황보혜림)


It has 4 pages. Many detailed chronological table information.