This page lists known Beast Types (Korean: 형, Hyeong) that appear in the Knight Run series. There are a varying types of beasts from Types Zero to 90 but only a few are now produced. The lower the numerical value of a Beast Type, the stronger it is; conversely, the higher the numeral value of a Beast Type, the weaker it is. The "single digits" dominate every battlefield since the beginning of the Human-Beast conflict. Beasts from Type Zero to Type 77 are considered high rank beasts while Type 78 to Type 90 are already considered as low rank.

Beasts are classified by Class and Type. Class directly corresponds to the raw potential power of a Beast or its abilities. Factors for which include its class of core, weapons it can wield, and inherent special abilities, among other characteristics. Type refers to the behavioral pattern, attack style, and skills of a Beast as opposed to its power i.e. how a Beast utilizes its strengths and weaknesses. Should a Beast gain enough experience, show adaptability, and display human-like intelligence, it is then further categorized as a Named Beast and bestowed a unique designated code name.

Some Types of Beasts may share appearances, but generally the physicality of a Beast varies for each colony. A Queen is capable of making multiple different forms of Beasts that match the classification of a certain Type.

For other Beasts not part of this list, please see List of Beasts: Number, List of Beasts: EX-Type, and List of Other Beasts.

  • Type 2

All-purpose, high quality and powerful Beast specializing in anti-Knights combat. Often Named, they are very hard to fight due to its superiority in close quarters combat. Type 2s can quickly charge in to negate the distance from a target. For those outside its range, Type 2s can also engage threats using particle beams. For lower class Queens who cannot produce EX-Types, Type 2s would be their most powerful soldier in the colony.

Known Type 2s:

Stag Beetle 01K2

D-38's Named Type 2 Stag Beetle during the Battle of Void

Fang Blade 04K2

Named Type 2 Fang Blade

  • Type 5

Type 5s are very powerful combatants that specialize in melee combat. They can already duel against Knights. Type 5s are characterized by their highly agility and other enhanced physical capabilities. Their attack style focuses on mobility and making quick, accurate strikes targeting critical points. The bulk of Queen E-34's army is made up of Type 5s.

Type-5 01

D-38's Type 5 at the Battle of Void

Type-7 01

E-34's Type 5s at the front (purple) during the Third Battle of Arin

  • "Flying" Type 5

Type 5 high rank beast of unknown Class produced by E-34. There are two known variants of the Flying Type 5:

The Flying Type 5 during the Battle of Valtia can transform into a V-shaped Beast with great aerodynamic abilities by tucking its legs and tail together and folding back the arms to its shoulders. It has delegated command over lower ranked Beasts and can form raiding groups ranging from a size of a squad to a platoon.

The Flying Type 5 during the Third Battle of Tobal can be stored in the Beast Mech before fully activating. Once activated, it unfolds into a tall, bulky Beast with less mobility than the one in Valtia but has more strength.

The Flying Type 5 appears in Main Episode-0 Pray and Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are.


Valtia Flying Type 5 (purple) in front

Knights Type 5 battle

Valtia Flying Type 5

Flying Type 5-2 2

Tobal Flying Type 5

Flying Type 5-2 stored

Stored Tobal Flying Type 5s

  • Type 5 Black Shark

Type 5 Named High Rank Beast "Black Shark" of unknown Class. Naming is usually only done after a Beast gains enough field combat experience, however the Type 5s of this kind are immediately named as "Black Shark" after their "birth" due to its special nature. Black Sharks were produced by Queen E-34 in Arin during her war to end humanity. They are capable of fighting like a human and can wield various weapons such as swords, lances, spears, and particle cannons/rifles. Its performance and threat level already makes it a semi-EX-Type Zero.

Appears in Main Episode-0 Pray.

Black shark
  • Type 5 "Attendant-Guards"

Type 5 high rank beast of unknown Class produced by Queen E-34. Capable of fighting like a human and can wield various weapons such as swords, lances, and spears. Fighting them can be comparable to fighting a Type Zero. The Attendant-Guards are powerful enough to deflect a blow from a Zero Breaker and is presumed to be proficient in Pray Style.

Usually seen escorting E-34 or the EX-Type Zeroes Fear and Blue Beetle. It was shown "attending" to E-34's needs such as combing her hair, helping her dress up, and fetching her items. It can also communicate verbally by growling and hissing such as when one showed displeasure against Anne Mayer's familiarity with E-34.

This kind of Beast displayed extreme endurance when A-10 cleaved off the face of an Attendant-Guard with Number 1200. Key Sword but the injured Beast simply kicked A-10 away, dodged Ed's gatling barrage, and returned to E-34's side to hand her Number 5. V.

E-34 bodyguards1
  • Type 7

A large Beast with an equally large core for backup firepower roles. Used for attacking human bases and cities. Weak against Knights due to size but can support other Beasts.

Type-7 01

Type 7 at the back (green/gray)

  • Type 15

Type 15s are similar to Type 5s but specialize in aerial and space warfare. Its flying capabilities are used for interdicting aircraft, ships, and other vessels. The attack style of Type 15s would revolve around taking advantage of its aerial combat maneuvers. Knights often find themselves in a handicap fighting such a fast-moving flying Beast. 

First appeared in ME0-Ch13.


E-34's Type 15

Type 15 02

D-38's Type 15 (original webtoon)

Type 15 03

D-38's Type 15 (published version)

  • Type 77

An all-purpose Beast that is often led by a higher ranked beast. The Type 77 is the lowest/weakest known classification for high rank Beasts. Type 77s can produce particle beams and lead small teams of low rank Beasts. Knights commonly fight these but can still have difficulties in doing so.

  • Type 90

A broad range of various low rank Beasts fall into the Type 90 classification. These are often used in massed wave charges or incorporated into groups led by higher rank beasts.


Type 5 (front), Type 77s (middle), and Type 90s (back)