There are a fair amount of different Beast Types (형, Hyeong) (1~100), but only a few Types are now produced. The ones with the lowest numbers tend to be stronger, with the "single digits" usually being the strongest.

The Beasts are not categorized by their appearance, but more by their attack style and characteristics. So the appearances of each Type varies from Queen to Queen, with a Queen capable of making multiple different types of Beasts that match the classification of a certain Type.

Beasts from Type 2 up to Type 77 are considered High Rank Beasts. Type 90 and weaker are considered low rank.

  • Type 2

All-purpose, high quality and strength beast. Often named, they are hard to fight.

Stag Beetle 01K2

Named Unit: Stag Beetle.

Fang Blade 04K2

Named Unit: Fang Blade.

  • Type 5

Similar to Type-15, but more focused on mobility. Also a very powerful combatant.

Type-5 01
  • Type 7

A backup firepower type large Nohsim Beast used for attacking human bases and cities. Weak against Knights due to size.

Type-7 01

  • Type 15

They are often able to fly and are used for guarding the Queen or taking down flying vessels. Similar to Type 5 in attack pattern. Appears in ME0 - Ch13. 


Type 15 of Queen E-34.

Type 15 02

Type 15 of Queen D-38.

Type 15 03

Type 15 of Queen D-38, Korean publication version.

  • Type 77

An all-purpose beast that is often led by a lower numbered beast. Knights commonly fight these.

  • Type 90

A big range of forms and styles. Basically where the author experimented with beasts and they didn't fit in other types, he put it here.


A Type 5 in front of four type 77s and dozens of Type 90s.

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