Wizard Type is a ranged fighter specializing in the use of particle beam attacks and Wave Technique. It is seen armed with a scepter and surrounded by six orbs. A Wizard Type was seen guarding the core chamber of the inactive Blue Flower that defended the orbital space of the eroded Arin during the Arin Recovery Campaign.

Daniel Leonhard and Leo entered the inactive Blue Flower to destroy it but was blocked by a Wizard Type. Leo then bought time for Daniel to prepare his Paranormal Power special attack by fighting the Wizard Type and other Beasts alone. Daniel was then able to unleash his Double Screw Crimson Pillar that burned down the chamber and and all the Beasts in it. As the fire engulfed everything in its path, it also triggered the cores to explode. Although heavily injured, the ultimate fate of the Wizard Type is unknown as it was seen fleeing the chaos.

Appears in ME0-Ch68.

Wizard 00

Chatterbox specializes in electronic warfare, combat support, and field recovery. She was also the commander of the Blue Flower that attacked Tobal. She fled when Leny, Sion Zail, and Original Chimera destroyed the Blue Flower's core chamber. She then bided her time preparing for another Beast invasion. Chatterbox reappeared during the terrorist raid on the Tobal Space Elevator, taking advantage of the confusion to slip past sensors and defense posts. She then commandeered the Mnemeion from Lieutenant General Tinie, resurrected Hyperion/Hyperion Repair, and launched another attack on Tobal.

In terms of combat ability, Chatterbox's fighting prowess is already similar to an EX-Type Zero. She can fight both in close and range combat using Pray Style and by wielding different weapons. Her special abilities include the ability to hack human technology and revive EX-Types. Chatterbox is also knowledgeable on human culture and has human-like intellect and emotions. She is also quite talkative which is why her Queen, E-34, personally named her as "Chatterbox". Chatterbox fondly calls E-34 her "mother" and is very affectionate of her. She showed intense craving for her mother's attention while harboring deep hatred on anything human which was inherited from E-34.

Appears in AE2.

Electronic Warfare Type 02