Lime Zail
Lime 01



First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 26


More than 70




Central Order Chief (CC430)


Number 96. Twin Snake, Number 999. Blue Cross

Chief of the Central Order, Lime Zail is a rather cynical Master Knight. He manually controls Dolls from a secluded room in the Core Temple and uses these dolls to interact in the outside world.

His current doll/body attacked Pray Mayer using the AB Sword Number 999. Blue Cross, but both the doll and his sword were destroyed by Pray.

Later, after the Pray War, he was captured by Charlie and his Blue Spear unit, but Milo came for his rescue. He then took Lime back to the orphanage house where he lives.

Lime's human body is that of a feminine looking little boy with long hair, despite his age which is probably the same as Milo. They are close and it's implied that he has feelings for Milo and even though he doesn't show any sign, Milo does treat him with care.[1]


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