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Another Episode-2: Chapter 4








AB Sword Number 97

Tinie 02

Tinie is an ex-Knight who is now a commander of the AE. Back when EX-Type Zero Hyperion attacked Tobal the Knights abandoned the planet in order to protect the more important Ground Zero on Tobal's satellite from Rabbit. Tinie was the only fleet commander who ignored the order and came to help Tobal. He was a Knight and also a leader of the military of Planet Tannin at the same time.

He was a noble from the south and became a Knight saying that he had a duty to save people. However he became disillusioned with the Knight Order due to all the death caused by their self-righteous decisions. (AE2 - Ch9)

Apart from getting back at the Knight Order, Tinie also plans to recover the intact Core from the destroyed Blue Flower that fell on Tobal using ancient tech from the Innovation Empire called God's Pillars. He wants to power the derelict Graveyard Mnemeion ship using this giant Core and create a super powerful weapon, freeing them from relying on the Knight Order for protection in the process. This is why the AE interfered in Tobal's situation.

"I'm here for the Bados Island where the thing the enemy left behind is placed. I want the fallen thing. That is the first intact core." Tinie, (AE2 - Ch5)

"You will die early if you get that trash in your pocket. It can blow this whole planet up." Leny, (AE2 - Ch5).

Leny considers him a traitor for turning his back on the Knights and they do not get along at all. He kept his AB Sword Number 97 when he left the Knights and she comments that, "We asked you gently to give that sword back, but you're still ignoring us. It's not your toy, you old man." (AE2 - Ch5).

Tinie 01
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