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First Appearance

Ep0 - Ch9, AE2 - Ch1


Older than Leo




Master Knight


Number 13. Friday


AE2 - Ch2

She is a Master Knight who's Number 2 in the Knight Order. As such she is extremely powerful and has top-level authority. This is the reason why she's put in charge of taking care of the Original Chimera since Leny is the only one who can stop her if she goes insane again.

She was rescued alongside with her younger brother Leo by Anne when the later was still a Knight Trainee. Later, for unknown reasons, Anne took Leo with her to train him as a knight and Leny was sent to the Eastern Order, which led to her grudge against Anne because of the thought that Anne had abandoned her despite the promise that she would be their mother. Leny is a brocon and she is strongly against Anne training Leo, forcing them to keep it a secret.

Leny is heavily involved in the events that lead up to Another Episode 2. When Van was a Knight Trainee he was under Leny and she personally gives Van Nelson the AB Sword to protect Zion. After the Battle of Tobal, Leny led the Knight Order force in the taking over of Tobal and assassination of AE generals who support Tobal's nationalists.

Leny's first appearance in Ep0 - Ch9 alongside Leo.

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