Land Slayer is an EX-Type Zero of unknown Class that was encountered during the Lion War (CC 399) on the resource planet Hapiu.

Land Slayer appears in a flashback in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are covered by (Part 54) Chapter 130.


Land Slayer appeared on Hapiu and began destroying anything in its path. Somehow, Land Slayer managed to arrive on the outlying fields of the floating fortress, Lion Castle, which administers over Hapiu. Virtually nothing was able to stop Land Slayer while it marched rampaging on the surface of Lion Castle's asteroid foundation regardless of AE's advance fortifications. Should the EX-Type Zero gain entry and destroy the core of Lion Castle, it would disable the floating system and cause a planetary calamity.

While it lacked the general mobility characterized by other EX-Type Zeroes, Land Slayer capitalized instead on its immense size and strength to plow through everything while it is on an unstoppable run. Intercepting Knights were merely tossed aside or cut by Land Slayer while incoming fire simply bounced off. Its large frame also allowed this giant juggernaut to pummel or stomp potential adversaries. Eventually, the casualties mounted to a point that Lion Castle had to make a desperate request for further reinforcements.

Immediately upon arriving, Sion Zail acknowledged that Land Slayer was unstoppable while it is moving and therefore opted instead to land on the EX-Type Zero from an airdrop. Land Slayer's reaction was to intercept the little Knight by attempting to swat her off but Sion still managed to land on the giant's right shoulder. She then used Number 13. Friday to precisely nail Land Slayer's arms together, effectively disabling him, before maneuvering to decapitate the juggernaut using the momentum of an acrobatic roll. Sion slain Land Slayer with two strikes under five seconds to the profound awe of everyone[1]. This feat, coupled with her previous achievements under a year, eventually prompted Sion to be designated as Top Sword.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Land Slayer is a giant, heavy Beast appearing like a juggernaut. It specializes in melee combat but due to Land Slayer's size and weight, it can only fight on the ground. To compensate however, it is capable of producing short bursts of high-speed forward dashing with assistance from specialized thrusters located on its back. The kinetic force of the dashes produce strong shock waves that has a crushing effect on the surroundings due to intense pressure.

Land Slayer has a pair of glowing great swords that retracts from each of its hands. These great swords are made of an unknown but durable and sharp material that can slice through anything. To create its invincible effect, the great swords are presumed to either generate particle beams or super-oscillate by vibrating in mach speed. Land Slayer is also equipped with powerful barrier generators and a though exoskeleton armor that allows it to ignore any challenges it encounters while marching. Despite its defensive appearance, the combat style of this giant Beast is to actually go for overwhelming offense.