Pray bodyguards
  Ghrrrhrhrr grraaaa!  ("Threat detected. Defend the Queen!")

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The News and Announcements page is an archive for the different news and announcements related to Knight Run Wiki that was officially posted/made by the wiki admins. Examples of which are general notices, affiliations, events, polls, and featured pages.


No More Official Translations (Duration: 4 February 2018 - present)

  • LINE Webtoons canceled further translations of Knight Run past Another Episode-2 due to "lack of interest/views on the series". Please help in petitioning LINE to resume their releases for international audiences by rating the series highly and spreading it to potential readers. Thank you!

Problems With Mobile Browsing (Duration: 13 February 2018 - present)

  • Some pages would display messed-up formatting or completely render sections unreadable when viewed from mobile devices. While we attempt corrective measures to streamline browsing experience, it would be best to explore the wiki through desktops/laptops. We apologize for this and hope for your kind understanding. Please message an admin to flag problematic pages.


Wiki Affiliate Date Started Contact
28 February 2018 DiabolicalHaterAnonx
28 February 2018 Demotivator
28 February 2018 Demotivator
1 March 2018 Lasaro Ginjou




Poll Question Duration Results
Who is the strongest
Top Sword?
3 February 2018 - present
  • Pray Mayer
  • Milo Leonhard
  • Sion Zail

Featured pages


Article name Duration Description
Battle of Void 3 February 2018 - present
Battle of Void 9
The Battle of Void is the first human vs beast military confrontation that readers of Knight Run would get to see. It was a huge battle between Queen D-38 against the combined forces of AE and Knight Order. Despite humanity ultimately winning the battle, it nearly ended in complete disaster as the initial AE-Knight Order forces on the ground did not expect the appearance of single digit high rank beasts, including an EX-Type Zero.


File name Duration Description
File:Pray and anne1.PNG 3 February 2018 - present
Pray and anne1
Pray carrying Anne away from trouble