Knight Run (나이트런) is a space opera webtoon released weekly on Naver by Sungmin Kim. The official English translation is available at LINE Webtoon. It's also published in comic books, which are drawn by various different people.

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The series begins with the following narrative:

"Cosmic Century 430. In this era of space travel, humans moved to a vast number of stars and began colonizing other planets... Mankind is at war with monsters." - ME0-Ch1


Anne Mayer: "Its been 15 years, but the war is finally nearing its end. If the intel is correct, we're on the verge of finally completing the reconstruction of the Gate technology. Once the prototype is finished, it should revolutionize our transportation and defense. What was considered impossible before is now becoming a reality. We managed to destroy most of the warp makers set by the enemy. That should stop any more mass simultaneous attacks from the monsters. Not only that, our recent victory showed that there's no such thing as 'impenetrable'. The only serious problem is whether or not we have enough Knights to last the rest of the war... But if we can recruit more and train them properly, our losses should be minimal".


Dry Leonhard: "Isn't mankind united because we are faced with the impending death known as Beasts? Ironically, It's thanks to the beasts that we have fewer human conflicts".

Anne: "A series of hellish battles finally ended. An exhausting victory and a short peace are all we earned. But the beasts are equally damaged. So we should be safe for the next 10 years".

Dry: "Yeah. From now on, its the age of humans".

This optimistic thinking would not last long as Arin was invaded. This battle was an incredible setback for the human war effort. Planet Arin, the most important human core world, was eroded. If the planet could be retaken, the orbital bombardment needed to wipe out the erosion would glass the surface to utter destruction. The annihilation of Core Temple completely halted training of the next generation of Knights, the heroes possessing ability to effectively slay Beasts. The technologies stored in Central Order's database were stolen and assimilated by the Beasts. A fearsome Elise-type Queen appeared, shocking humanity with its never before seen capabilities in assuming human behavior. Queen E-34, absurdly powerful beyond any other before, together with her two EX-Type Zeroes which are at the very pinnacle of strength.

The Warp gate, the technology that allows for human space voyages, was hacked by Beasts. Preemptive attacks in multiple planets were launched, crushing human warfare capabilities. Beasts used the Phenomenon Weapon Morglay to destroy four planetary biospheres, forcing their abandonment. This was certainly a situation worse than ever before.


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  • The webtoon can be accessed at Naver (Korean)
  • Official English translation: LINE Webtoon