Jill McKellen



First Appearance

Ep0 - Ch7








Number 12. Tuesday



Probably the only true friend of Anne in the Core Temple except for Pray. Unlike most people, she even tries to befriend Pray on multiple occasions, but is pushed away every time.

In the battle where Anne and Pray defeat the Type 2 Fang Blade while they were all still a trainees, she is wounded by the High Rank and barely managed to survive after being pulled out of the Danger Zone by Anne.

Jill's mother, who works at the cafeteria in the Core Temple on Arin, thanks Anne after the battle for saving her daughter.

Though she survived that battle, her nervous system was damaged beyond what the medical nanomachines could repair and was told by doctors that she could no longer fight as a Knight. Still, she didn't gave up on being a Knight, and has fought in multiple battles, continuously getting hurt until in SE 430 over 80% of her body had already been replaced by prosthetics.

Later on, she appears on Space Colony no.7 of Arin system, stuck there by the strong solar wind whilst en-route to Arin. While she is on the station, the Beasts send a number 387 battleship to attack the colony. Jill ends up killing the commanding Type 77 High Rank, but loses both her brother Allen and her right arm in the battle. She wails with wild rage, destroying the penultimate opponent in a violent maelstrom of emotion. 

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