Innovation empire flag

A faction heavily into transhumanism, thriving to make better humans through the advancement of technology. The AUA and AE's paranormal power research facilities could be said to be a descendant of this faction. They created the Homunculus.

The Innovation Empire had been trying to make a perfect paradise. They excluded human's biological mating and used informational knowledge to distinguish between and mate a truebreed. They were a true ideal nation which had tried to break the bounds of human DNA. Genetic engineering, bio-tech, nano-tech and so-on. (AE2 - Ch7)

Emperor Mirada, who was created by the Innovation Empire's Human Isolation Project, had planned to strike Earth in order to isolate it. That was before the Ags appeared...

The Innovation Empire collapsed in Cosmic Century 128.

There is great interest in excavating their lost technology since that pushes advancement forward by many years.

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